9 Ways Symmetry Financial Can Help You Build a Successful Insurance Career

If you’re interested in a career in the lucrative life insurance industry, you’ll need a plan of action for launching your career successfully.  For many, the first thing to consider is what insurance company you’d like to align yourself with, as this can be influential in determining your success.

  But, imagine if you could work in partnership with over 30 of the nation’s top insurance companies instead of only one! That is only one of the many advantages of choosing to start your career as an agent with Symmetry Financial Group (SFG).

Symmetry Financial Group is one of the nation’s leading insurance marketing firms and one of the fastest-growing companies in the insurance marketing industry in America.

With extensive in-house expertise, experience, and knowledge about the insurance industry gleaned through partnerships with over 30 of the nation’s top insurance carriers, SFG provides its independent agents with a competitive product portfolio and a slew of resources to ensure their success in the insurance industry.

SFG is committed to empowering its agents by promoting a healthy work-life balance while providing the essential tools to get new agents started in the business.

The company’s home office goes to great lengths to provide its independent sales force with the most advanced marketing and lead programs, in addition to an extensive portfolio that features the highest quality and most competitive insurance products and services available in the industry today.

Below are 9 ways that working with SFG can help you get your career and business off the ground as an independent insurance agency:


1. Choose Your Path

SFG agents benefit from the company’s Choose Your Path model, designed to support independent agents in achieving their personal career goals.

Whether your goal is to eventually start your own agency, to become a top sales agent, or to focus on the wholesale end of the industry, SFG provides a career path to help you achieve your goals.


2. Subsidized Leads 

The most useful resource for anyone in any sales position is access to lucrative leads with the best potential to become lasting customers. Leads are the lifeblood of any insurance business, and SFG provides its agents with the industry’s most affordable and effective leads, with lead share costs covered by SFG.

The SFG home office assists their agents by subsidizing the cost of leads and provides lead options suitable for every budget. Thanks to SFG’s extensive in-house lead generation, agents are able to spend their time actually talking to potential customers, instead of looking for them.


3. Agency Ownership Opportunity

For those who are interested in building and owning their own insurance business, SFG provides the industry’s only real opportunity to develop and grow their own agencies. The SFG home office, with its extensive knowledge of what works most effectively in the industry, provides a simple turn-key business model for individuals to start their own independent insurance agencies using proven methods and with limitless opportunities for growth. SFG agents maintain total ownership of their individual business, which means you control your schedule as well as your earning potential.


4. Best-In-Class Bonuses

SFG’s bonus programs provide bonuses for agents at every level, from partners to those who are just launching their new careers. SFG’s exclusive FastTrack Bonus + Carrier Kickers rewards programs provide unique incentives and rewards for independent agents.

For example, during your first 120 days as a new SFG agent, you will have the opportunity to add $12,500 in bonuses to your income and to earn an invitation to join other agents and mentors on an exclusive Symmetry Destination Trip.

SFG’s incentive and rewards programs boost morale among the sales force while also providing opportunities for agents to come together and learn from one another’s a success.


5. A Competitive Product Portfolio

SFG partners with over 30 of the most successful insurance companies in the industry, which means you can offer your clients a variety of top-quality insurance products – far more than if you worked as an employee for an individual carrier, where you are limited to selling only their products. 

SFG has also developed its own proprietary products such as Debt Free Life and SmartStart, which allow you to help clients eliminate debt within nine years without spending more than they are currently, and set their children up for a successful future.

SFG’s products also help clients save up for retirement with annuities.


6. FastTrack Training, Tools, and Support

SFG’s exclusive FastTrack training for new agents, along with the company’s Quality U program, helps new agents learn the ropes to getting started in the industry as well as learning advanced tips for continued success.

You will have an opportunity to receive the best free training and the most up-to-date tools at every step of your journey as an independent agent. For example, SFG’s leading-edge telesales technology empowers agents by helping them to generate their own leads, as well as to screen recruits and manage their business from the comfort of home.

For those who want to grow as a leader in the industry, SFG’s Thrive and Connect programs provide leadership development and personal growth training. This type of support helps to keep agents motivated, educated and growing through every stage of their journey.


7. Exclusive Deals on Health and Life Insurance 

While independent insurance agents are normally responsible for sourcing and obtaining their own health insurance coverage, SFG offers all their independent agents exclusive deals on quality health insurance via the company’s My Health Policy Program.

This program lets you purchase day-to-day and/or catastrophic insurance coverage while paying half the marketplace rate for monthly premiums. SFG agents are also eligible to apply for life insurance protection through the company’s My Life Policy Program, with SFG covering premiums during the first year of coverage for qualifying agents.


8. Vested Renewals + Advanced Markets

As an independent SFG agent, you own your book of business from day one. As an independent agent, individual insurance carriers pay you for selling their policies.

Vested renewals on those policies mean that even if you should decide to give up selling life insurance and pursue a different line of work, you will still continue to earn passive income on the vested renewals of policies that you sold for as long as those policies remain in force.

SFG’s team of certified agents are also experts in advanced market sales, and they are more than happy to help new agents create passive income opportunities through ongoing engagement and communication with your existing customers.


9. Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Not only does a career with SFG provide lucrative compensation, career options, and incentives, but working as an independent agent means that you maintain full control over your schedule and revenue goals while working 100% remotely from the comfort of your home.

By designing a flexible work schedule in which you set up appointments with current and prospective customers on the days and times that best suit you, you will be able to set aside time to spend with your family and loved ones, as well as to enjoy personal hobbies, maintaining an optimal work-life balance. 

SFG truly believes that it is this level of personal fulfillment that makes SFG agents so successful.


Invest in Your Future with a Career at SFG 

SFG has been recognized on the Inc. list of 5000 fastest-growing companies for five consecutive years, as well as Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture list two years running. As a people-centered company, SFG owes its success to its coast-to-coast team of independent agents, which is why the company provides so many resources for its sales team. 

If you are considering a career as an independent insurance agent, joining SFG represents the first step towards embarking on a lucrative and fulfilling career with all of the tools and support you’ll need to succeed in the insurance industry.

With access to SFG’s unparalleled company benefits and industry connections, you are guaranteed all the resources you’ll need, along with the flexible schedule to enjoy success and fulfillment in both your professional and personal life.

To learn more about what makes SFG stand apart from its competitors, fill out this short form today to obtain more information on becoming an independent SFG agent or read their blog here.

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