Incredible Career Pathways You Haven’t Considered


Deciding what our direction in life is going to be can sometimes be a sticky situation. We can find ourselves torn between what we want and what is the easiest decision.

Sometimes we are told to let go of what we want because it is unobtainable. Some incredible career pathways have been seen as unobtainable that now are quite the opposite.

Today we are going to be looking at career pathways into popular fields, that you probably haven’t considered.


#1 The Legal Pathway

Finding your way into the field of law can seem like an impossible route. Yes, for some becoming a lawyer can be incredibly difficult. What we should take into consideration is that being a lawyer is not the only way in.

There are in fact, so many different routes you can take in the legal field, either closely connected or quite distant. Nowadays, people are seeking ways in this field in any way possible. Some of the popular entry points are that of the mediator or the paralegal.

The mediator does require some extensive legal knowledge but has no formal requirement of a law degree. A paralegal does require some form of certification or paralegal training this can be accomplished outside of college though and does make this route very accessible.


#2 The Medical Pathway

For a lot of us, the medical pathway has always seemed to only be for doctors and surgeons, and this is very far from the truth.

Doctors and surgeons only make up around 15-20% of all the staff that works in a hospital. Generally speaking, it is the support staff that makes things happen. Aside from nursing, there are some other incredible routes into the medical field that can see you making a huge difference.

You could work as a laboratory technician or even a theatre assistant. Both of which are incredibly hands-on and get you into the thick of the action. Working in either of these or any of the hundreds of available support roles could provide colossal job satisfaction. Another benefit to working on the inside, you may even decide that you want to work your way up and attend a night school or also consider a college degree.


#3 The Entertainment Pathway

This is one of the most misunderstood career choices and generally the dread of any parents. While talking about the entertainment pathway, we are not referring to becoming the next big Hollywood superstar.

What we mean is the career of the back of house guys and girls. The people that are dealing with script management, special effects, sets, costumes, and everything else that tends to go ignored.

The best way to approach this career is generally by starting as a runner. Running is exactly what it sounds like, you run! You will, however, be on the first rung of the ladder.

Most people in the industry start this way and gradually climb. It can be a tough life, but if you have a passion for entertainment, this is a great start.

Have you considered one of these career pathways?

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