Time To Adapt Your Social Media Strategy!

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Influencer marketing is a very interesting option in the field of digital marketing to promote a certain product or service.

Carrying out an influencer marketing campaign may be the best option to reach the audience, quickly making the advertising investment profitable.


What is influencer marketing?

For any company or business, influencer marketing is a very powerful resource that can be used to achieve recruitment or sales results.

It is about choosing an appropriate influencer such as Piper Rockelle, with the ability to persuade who also has a large number of followers on any social media platform, whether it is Tiktok or Youtube.

Through this strategy in social networks, it is possible to transmit the advantages of the products or services to consumers through third parties.

The brand or company can also benefit by linking its values ​​with those of these characters. It’s clear that social media are great influencer marketing platforms.

When opinion leaders get involved in spreading or generating content based on traditional advertising systems, the spark arises.

This means that you have made a connection with a brand new audience. Finding the influencers, however, can be the tricky part. It would help if you considered hiring an agency, such as unrulyagency.com, that can help you find the right match.

How does influencer marketing work? Any marketing action needs an approach to get it started. To carry out an effective influencer marketing strategy, there are some basic steps to consider:


#1 Establish campaign goals.

We must determine and propose what we pursue with a campaign and what is the ultimate goal.

The objectives of an influencer campaign are usually aimed at increasing conversion, sales, awareness, and visibility.

It is also common to want more followers of social networks, customer loyalty, improve the reputation of our brand, link building or reach new audience segments.


#2 Choose the influencers related to our brand.

To do this, you have to define the buyer persona, and in this way, address an appropriate audience, in addition to knowing what channels you are on.

On the other hand, you have to choose the right influencer. It is interesting to create a list based on relevance, scope, and resonance. You can search for relevant keywords and hashtags or through blog articles.

Look into their background of working with other brands, their audience, the reach of their publications, and how their previous collaborations have worked.

The most important thing is to know the tone in which the influencers will make the publications and in what types of social networks they usually develop better.


#3 Budget for influencer marketing

It is important to think about the ROI that we will obtain. Most influencers ask for financial remuneration, but others do it out of affinity or exchanges with the brand and without any consideration.

It must be clear that the investment is determined by the engagement ratio, the number of followers, and the type of collaboration. It can range from hundreds to thousands. So that is something to consider in your budget.

Don’t fall behind with digital marketing. It can contribute to a successful future.

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