3 Ways to Develop Worthwhile Engagement Opportunities

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It can seem as though marketing has become relatively cost-effective in recent years. Any company can register a Twitter account and begin promoting their brand for free. That’s quite liberating.

However, it’s also true that there’s always a price to pay in some capacity. Many low-effort, spam-like tweets will often be met with a sense of dispassionate concern or just complete apathy.

So, companies are still beholden to good taste and wise strategic planning. That being said, even companies that have the best intentions can find their wheels spinning in the dirt, struggling to gain traction and hook onto the audience they so desperately wish for.

Of course, there’s no perfect strategy for a business to emulate going forward. That’s just the harsh truth.

However, with the willingness to tool your approach and consider your way forward, and with a few handy pointers, the odds of your wheels gaining the traction they need greatly increase.

With our three tidbits of advice below, we hope you can feel the same way:


#1 Research Your Audience

It’s important to research your audience to the extent that you are able. Often companies can become a little too gung-ho regarding their overall output, and this can be misdirected if you’re not sure who you should aim at.

What is it that your audience values? What do they find ‘cool’? How have those attitudes changed? Right now, for instance, politics is a renewed consideration among many young people.

Could it be that making those internal changes or championing issues can also serve as a worthwhile marketing strategy? It’s worth thinking about.


#2 Develop Worthwhile Engagement Opportunities

It’s important to help our customers or at least those we hope to convert into customers, to engage with us in the best possible manner. For instance, alongside your social media advertisements, do you give exclusive discounts that new users can sign up for if following that link?

Creating a sense of urgency and a willingness to identify themselves with your brand can truly work wonders, and for some brands, it can help a potential participant make the decision to join you and what you have to offer.

This might sound exploitative, but it’s really not, because all you’re doing is lessening the number of artificial steps someone must take before they can build loyalty to your brand.


#3 Learn From Your Audience

It’s also extremely important to learn from your audience. This is how an excellent SEO Agency will help curate its strategy. They will be vocal, and will know what they like and do not like.

If you find that you have a negative reaction to a certain ad campaign, or you see that the discourse on Twitter is mocking rather than encouraging, you realize that you need to make changes as soon as possible.

Learn from the discourse, from feedback sessions, and from the surveys you encourage your customers to take part in. This can help you understand much more about yourself than you may realize.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily avoid spinning your wheels in marketing, and begin to gain the traction you’re really looking for.

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