V-Line Face: Facial Treatments to Define Jawline


Botox facial treatments to achieve the effect of jawline slimming could be a solution that you never thought you needed.

It could be one of the very answers to all your questions if you are looking to shrink the size of the masseter muscles in your jaw.

Men increasingly want to look good, and this includes having a slimmed-down and chiseled jaw, which, by nature, defines the sexiness of the human male.

So it is not actually uncommon nowadays to see how some of them are very interested in Botox treatments, click here for more information.

However, a V shape face treatment in men can be expensive depending on your jaw structure, muscles, and overall facial features.

And for many reasons that we will explain in this article.

Men vs Women

To start, we are not going to wade into the controversies about whether there are any differences between men and women’s facial features. The botulin toxin usually works the same way for both sexes.

However, men who follow a diet to gain weight and muscle mass generally have a higher amount of muscle, so the toxin must be applied in greater quantity.

You should pay a visit to an expert who for the most part, offers free initial consultations. They will let you know about the costs associated with your procedure and especially your specific costs as well.


What It’s Not For

This procedure is not for those looking to increase muscle mass on your face, or expand their jawline, this kind of treatment in men does nothing to increase muscle mass, actually what it does is reduce the masseter muscles in your jaw to create a slimmer and V-shape face.

In contrast, the dermal fillers procedure will have an effect of increasing the volume of the skin, but since the fillers are absorbed into the skin after a certain period, they require constant refills every once in a while.

The procedure has become relatively simple and painless. It is an outpatient treatment that takes about a couple of minutes to apply. It consists of injections to the skin underneath the jaw, and the toxin works to paralyze those masseter muscles temporarily.



The process will show results after two weeks, but to fully get the benefits of the procedure, you need to wait up to 8 weeks.

Since the treatment of the jaw is usually temporary, you will have to get it redone often annually.

Most of the other treatments of this kind on the face typically last about five months, but since the jaw area has a more significant mass and takes a while for it to kick in, this particular one can last from 8 months to a year, so it usually is just an annual thing.


In Conclusion

Therefore, if you are a man and you want to define that jawline or are looking for that slimmer-looking face, then this treatment is the way to go, just remember to consult a specialist and get their expert advice before proceeding.

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