Recruiting Overseas: How to Do It Safely and Swiftly


Employing staff without physically being in person to interview them is a scary move for business owners.

After having 100% control over your home country business, you may feel a little uneasy that you may not have so much control over your international expansion.

However, we have some top tips on how to make sure that your business is in good hands.

Is Your Company Ready for Global Expansion?

First of all, is your business ready? If you are looking to expand your business abroad, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

Only once your company is successful enough in your home country is it a beneficial move to branch out overseas. Otherwise, you’ll spread too thinly over a large amount of space.

So, ensure your business has flourished, and you have gotten everything you can from staying in one country.

You may also need to consider a global EOR compliance company that can help you navigate the waters of hiring employees in different countries.

Why is Global Expansion a Good Business Move?

First of all, broadening your business overseas is such a great way to build a new customer base, which will then, in turn, increase your popularity and sales massively.

Keeping your business in just one country can limit how much profit you will be making. In addition, employing staff overseas is a great way to create a more diverse business. Some people will have different types of educational qualifications and very different experiences, which is a great thing.

It can work in your favor when clients are in different time zones, too, as they can access your new overseas staff more efficiently.

What Are the Legalities?

Understanding a different country’s labor laws is so important. Every country’s law is different, and even within countries, there may be different laws for different regions.

Tax information must be reviewed, as each international country handles contracts differently.

Even the number of working hours that are legal can differ, so it is important to make sure that every member of staff within your company is treated fairly and equally.

International Recruitment Services

Choosing which country to establish your business can be tricky. Look at your business target market, as well as the economic status and population of other countries. China for example, is a great choice of location due to its large population and economic stability.

Using a company like New Horizons that provides recruitment services in China is a great way to help you not only have access to a huge range of skilled workforce that they can handpick for you but also to create a clear job description.

The whole side of international employment can be made easier using existing recruitment services or anyone with business experience in your chosen location.

Setting up a business in a different country seems quite daunting at first, as there are many factors to research before taking the plunge. Once you do, your business will benefit from the new environment massively and will also continue to grow and become even more successful.

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