Responsibility: The Ethos That Affects Every Part Of Your Business


The importance of giving your business an edge that puts you head and shoulders above your competitors and peers is a very difficult task to get right.

But, the one ethos that many businesses need in place is something that a lot of startups and small businesses rarely have, responsibility. In the heady early days of a company, there are so many issues flying around that cannot be rectified, because blame is passed from pillar to post, and this is why so many startups fail within the first year.

You need to communicate responsibility towards employees, so how can you do this?


Reiterate That They Are Your Priority

Improving your relationships with your colleagues and your employees means that you need to continually show your appreciation for them.

So you need to show your staff that they are your priority, regardless of what is going on in the business. Lots of businesses make the mistake of focusing on the product rather than the person.

Remember, there are so many sites that are profiting from workplace accidents, such as, that you need to show your appreciation for your employees, but you also need to keep them safe.

Yes, there are rules and regulations in place to give your employees more rights, but if you can show them earnestly that they are a priority in a personal sense, this will help develop that all-important idea of mutual trust.


Encourage The Two-Way Relationship

While you have certain expectations of your employees, you need them to tell you exactly what they are feeling so you can improve the environment for them.

There are ways for you to get employees to tell you exactly what they’re feeling, but this can be very difficult, as the act of honesty in certain organizations is something that can be the equivalent of getting blood from a stone.

There are resources like that can help you coax your employees into being more honest with you with regards to their thoughts and feelings about the organization, but also how they are coping with the job.

You need to communicate the fact that it’s not just one way, where you are telling them what to do, but they need to feedback to you exactly how they are coping. This will help to nurture a more positive working environment and improve the workplace culture. This, in turn, will increase a much more well-rounded company.


Focus On The Bigger Picture

Employees don’t like to see that they are part of a chain, but rather one piece of a big picture. Lots of people work tirelessly without even knowing what their piece of the puzzle consists of.

If you want your employees to work harder, by informing them of their goals and what they need to do to contribute effectively to the bigger picture, you need to show them every single process. The bigger picture is more than the sum of its parts.

When you have someone who doesn’t feel they are part of the team, they will not work as well, so you need to communicate the importance of the bigger picture to them.

Responsibility is such a loaded word, but every person is responsible for something within their remit. So, by communicating it effectively, you will work towards them being a vital piece of the puzzle.

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