The 6 Essential Tools In Any Freelancer’s Arsenal


Living as a freelancer is a notoriously difficult way to work. You have to find your own jobs, will be reliant on your own ability to manage time and will have to deal with unhappy or awkward clients on a regular basis.

All of this can lead to a lot of stress, and those working for themselves can easily end up missing out on crucial features of their business in the chaos.

To help you out with this, this article will be outlining the essential tools which any freelancer should have. Whether you’re a web designer, a carpenter, or anything in between, it makes sense to go to work with the right equipment.


#1 A Website

Websites have been getting more and more powerful over the last few years. For freelancers, they present a window of opportunity to reach out to more people than ever before, and this is something that all small businesses should be working hard to take advantage of. Of course, though, there is more to this than simply knocking together a few pages.

As this is the first place customers and clients are going to see your business, it makes sense to work extremely hard to present them with something professional. This can be achieved by yourself, though it will usually be much easier if you look for some professional help.

There are web designers all over the internet, and many of them will be more than happy to help with your website needs. Platforms like Upwork can be an excellent place to find new professionals.


#2 Social Media

Alongside your website, a lot of your customers are also going to find you on social media. Sites like Instagram and Facebook have exploded in recent years, just about taking over the social space online. They are so powerful that it is estimated that more than 50% of online sales are influenced by these sites in some way.

Managing a professional social media presence is a tricky job, and it will take up a lot of your time. Tools like Canva will make it much easier to design and make quality posts, while platforms like Later will help you to plan when you’re going to post them.

Working together, these options can make your life on social media far easier, saving you the huge amounts of work that can often come with managing accounts like this.


#3 Business Cards & Flyers

A lot of people assume that the days of needing a business card are long gone, though this couldn’t be further from the reality of it.

Business cards give you an easy way to pass on information, while also providing potential clients with an easy reminder of who you are. It can be tricky to get your business recognized like this without a physical reminder.

Alongside this, it can also help to have some flyers for your freelance work. A lot of small businesses are happy to have flyers in their windows or on their counters, providing you with an excellent way to put your company into people’s minds without having to talk to anyone.

Like your website, it’s worth having these items professionally designed. Websites like Fiverr can be a great resource for this.

Of course, though, before you can start using your business cards and flyers, you’re going to need to get them printed. Companies like can help you out with this, providing high-quality printing services that won’t cost a small fortune.

It’s always worth shopping around for things like this, though there are plenty of companies to choose from, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find an option that works for you.


#4 A Professional Laptop

This next area is a little more expensive than the others but can be equally as crucial. People will find it hard to take you seriously if you arrive at each meeting with a pen and paper in your hands.

Likewise, people won’t like seeing a broken or very old laptop being used for their important work.

It makes sense to invest a little bit of money into a professional machine. Not only will this save you the trouble of it slowing down during meetings, but it will also improve your overall professional look.

More and more people are getting used to seeing the companies they work with using cutting edge technology, and this means that you have to work hard to get ahead of the game.


#5 The Right Clothing

Times have changed a lot over the last few decades, and people don’t expect all of the professionals they meet to be wearing formal attire.

Instead, you have a lot more options with your clothing, but you still have to be careful not to make yourself look unprofessional. To start, all of your clothing should be clean, though this is something that most people can handle without being told.

You also need to make sure that your garments are as plain as possible. A logo or motif is fine, but large designs will often look unprofessional.

You shouldn’t wear clothing with political messages, swear words, or anything vulgar, though this is something that you can assess for each of your clients.


#6 Freebies

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the freebies you bring with you to your meetings. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel good, and a pen or memory stick with your logo on it could be a good reminder of your brand.

There are loads of places around the web that sell items like this, and you don’t have to spend a small fortune to have the right effect.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of building up the essential tools in your freelance arsenal.

This can have a huge impact on your business, and many people ignore the benefits it could provide. As time goes on, your freelance career will either grow or shrink, and this is something you have to push in the right direction.

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