The Harsh Truth About Why Your Business Blog Just Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

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It seems like only yesterday that creating a business blog was THE new hot way to generate leads and conversions.

As recently as last year, many companies began realizing the benefits that keywords, outbound links, and subtle advertising content could bring to profit margins.

Already, though, it seems that a blog just isn’t enough to see you standing above the business crowd. Online content creation has moved pretty onto bigger things.

While a blog is, undeniably, still a fantastic tool, spreading your content wings is thus vital for seeing results from your efforts.



The most notable steps away from the blogging standard are options like branded videos and even ebooks. Such methods are ideal for appealing to new leads across platforms.

But, higher creation costs and an increased need for outside help may have you asking why you should step outside your blogging comfort zone. Make no mistake about it though, it would be an undeniably lucrative step.

To prove why, we’re going to look at a few of the reasons your blog alone just isn’t cutting it anymore.


You’re limiting your audience

Sticking firmly to your blogging content guns has the severe downside of limiting your audience.

Blogging can be fantastic news for search engine optimization, but it does rely on keywords and specific audience searches to reap results.

By comparison, well-made video content can help you to appeal to YouTube viewers, etc. through sponsored ads and front page listings. Equally, an ebook or similar could help you to garner reputable recommendations, or even appear on different platforms, and thus boost profits.


You’re failing to convert across platforms

Speaking of appearing on different platforms, a business blog alone may fail to help you convert across your entire online infrastructure.

While you can share blog posts on social media, etc., conversions here depend on consumer interest, and their actually clicking on that link.

By comparison, posting an embedded video across your social platforms makes for easy-to-view content that’s far more liable to transform passive followers into active conversions.


You’re falling behind your competitors

Last, but perhaps most pressingly, sticking blindly to a blog without considering other content forms means falling behind your competitors. Companies across the business landscape are now making use of content in all its forms to maximize SEO and achieve that much-needed edge.

If you don’t always make the most of multiple content forms, then falling behind is inevitable. In search listings alone, your relevance will drop, and your ranking along with it. Consumers will also be able to gain a much clearer image of your competitors and what they stand for, meaning that your blog posts might stop even getting a look in.

No one’s saying that you should scrap the business blog. This remains the easiest and best way to hit keyword targets. Still, utilizing more than just this one content form is now fundamental.

So, spread your creative reach, and start thinking about video ideas and more to take your efforts further into 2020.

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