6 Effective Tips To Lower Your Motoring Costs


Being able to drive is a great feeling. Although public transport can get you from A to B, driving yourself there offers a sense of freedom and independence you can’t get elsewhere.

Sadly, like all brilliant things, driving does have downsides. Among the most frustrating is the cost. When buying a car, the expenses don’t end with the vehicle itself.

Road tax, insurance, repairs, and much more require a small fortune. With that in mind, here are six tips to lower motoring costs.


#1 Read The Owner’s Manual

The idea that prevention is better than a cure relates as much to cars as it does to medicine.

While a vehicle can easily become damaged in a crash, most car trouble is caused by a lack of maintenance. Properly maintaining your car, while not free, certainly costs less than repairs and replacements.

That is why you should follow the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.


#2 Put Yourself To Work

Knowing when to ask for help can save drivers hundreds each year. Instead of calling a mechanic every time you need an oil change, you should learn how to carry out that task.

There are numerous other basic repairs you could try, like changing dead batteries. That being said, it is best to call an expert if you aren’t sure. You don’t want to make the problem worse, after all.



#3 Store Your Car Inside

Any driver with a garage should make use of it. Rather than just storing gym equipment and tools, you must keep your car inside.

This will protect your vehicle from theft and damage. If possible, you should invest in epoxy flooring for your garage.

The epoxy coating creates a smooth and seamless surface, which is more forgiving than concrete, causing less damage.


#4 Find A Driving Buddy

The commute to work each morning will harm your wallet, along with the planet. To combat both issues, you can find a driving buddy.

Sharing your car with another driver means sharing the costs too. Instead of paying for fuel and repairs yourself, you would split the cost with your new friend.

What’s more, with one less car on the road, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.


#5 Slow Down The Driving

Everyone knows the importance of safe driving.

Unless you operate a vehicle safely, you risk your own life, along with the lives of others. Unsafe driving can also cause accidents, which would result in expensive repairs.

Slowing down might cost you a few minutes, but it prevents much worse consequences. Driving efficiently will also lower fuel costs, as less fuel is used.


#6 Turn Young Drivers Away

The moment a teenager is old enough, they want to start driving.

The trouble is, while sharing your car would usually lower motoring expenses, allowing a young driver behind the wheel will do the opposite.

That is why, instead of teaching your child to drive, you should book lessons with a professional instructor. Your teenager is more likely to pass their tests with expert help anyway.

Driving is certainly expensive, but with the helpful tips above, you can easily lower your motoring costs.

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