The Ownership Comes with Benefits: 4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Property


Commercial property ownership boosts your investment holdings. It’s not for everyone, but commercial property can significantly impact your financial future.

Using the commercial property to expand your portfolio comes with some risks. Investing in retail or mixed-use buildings, offices or warehouses, and industrial or apartment buildings takes professional advice and a big initial investment. And, ownership exposes owners to liability, vandalism, physical damage, and routine maintenance over the years.

Owners profit from rentals, of course, but ownership can shelter professionals for tax purposes, convenience, and location. reminds you of the value in appreciation; “An investor who purchases a large commercial property at the right time and holds onto it for eight or ten years, while renting it out to cover taxes, insurance, and maintenance, can sometimes sell it at the end of this time period for millions more than he bought it for.”

So, you’ll want to get the most out of your commercial property.


4 ways to get what you want from your investment

Commercial property for sale in London offers the same pros and cons of ownership, but you can take steps to make good things happen:

  • Invest in savings. You will make changes to the property over time. But you can save money directly and indirectly by putting money into changes eligible for discounts or credits. For example, your property may be eligible for benefits from installing energy-efficient appliances in apartments, restructuring wiring and electric fixtures to save electricity or pursuing tax-favored green initiatives.


  • Double the value. When you add customer benefits, you increase the property’s attraction. For some lessees, that might mean improved signage or increased handicapped accessibility. Installing CCTV cameras, secure fencing, and updated fire protection may mean more than cosmetic changes.


  • Improve curb appeal. The better the property looks from the street, the more likely you can increase rents. Professional and residential properties need attractive landscaping, parking accessibility, and clean windows. Even industrial properties will rent faster if they look good from the street.


  • Expand the space. It may be worth investing in reorganizing the leasable space. Apartment renters are looking for open floor plans and high ceilings. Office renters want customer-friendly space for lobbies, break rooms, and waiting rooms. And, specialists like medical offices need flexible floor plans and utilities.


You can make it pay!

R.L. Adams, a contributor to Entrepreneur, remarks, “Real estate may have produced more wealth than any other industry, but people still remain skeptical about entering into the fray.” Steady, reliable, and long-lasting, the potential for financial appreciation beats many long term investment vehicles.

Commercial property comes with considerable risk for the novice investor. But if you shop prudently and secure advice, you can find a property that fits your expectations and budget. However, unless you make the most of your commercial property, you will not optimize your return on investment. So, having bought in and opened your doors, you should be a good and smart landlord.

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