7 Easy Home Upgrades That Make Sense

There is something wonderful about the chance to renovate your home.

Taking the time to upgrade and add value to your home is going to be profitable for you in the long run, but it’s also an excellent way to keep busy with a new project.

Renovations take time to plan and budget for, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it to your home whenever you have the cash to get things started.

Easy upgrades to the home will change the way it’s valued, add sparkle to the character of the house and it will breathe new life into a tired-looking house.

Home upgrades aren’t always about bringing down the walls and erecting new ones. Home upgrades can include adding a compressed air dryer to your HVAC system to make the air better.

Such a simple change improves your quality of life and adds value to the house – and you can do that with so many other areas of the home!

With this in mind, we’ve got a few home upgrades that will change everything, and here they are!

#1 Get handy with a tongue and groove ceiling. It doesn’t have to be a job that you do yourself, of course, a tongue and groove may be a bit beyond your remit. It’s a low-budget way to change the ceiling in your main walkways or the rooms of the house, and spruce tongue and groove is one of the most common options for the home.

You may find that the shape of the tongue and groove changes with the temperature and humidity in the air, so make sure that you have the right wood to work with for the best possible results.

This is supposed to be a positive project, not one that you wish you hadn’t started.

#2  Have you ever considered adding a mudroom to the house? A small cubby where you can dispose of muddy shoes and wellies as well as wet coats and even dog leads – a mudroom is a perfect addition to a family home.

It should have enough storage space for the outerwear of the whole family, and you should have a small sink if possible to wipe down the dog and the kids so you don’t bring muck into the house.

#3 The exterior of your home takes a little work from time to time. You need to consider lighting the area rather than just focusing on the garden. An outside deck is far prettier and looks so much more impressive with the right lighting sequence.

You can add low voltage lighting systems to the external space of the house, and as a beginner, you really can do this yourself. You can add security lights, sure, but think of the softer lighting that you can add to entice people to come inside.

It’s so much nicer to sit out in the summertime when you can actually enjoy the outdoors.

#4 Renovating the house includes renovating the garage and the outside. The garage is actually used much more than you think – every time you pull in at the end of the day, you’re using the space!

You can add storage systems, new lighting, and even heating if you plan to use it as a working space. The garage has so much potential and if you have a garage and you don’t drive, even better.

Now you have a working space or a separate room for the house!

#5 Wraparound decking is a luxury for any house, even if you cannot wrap a deck around the house it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a beautiful deck for your backyard. Consider how much more value you can add to the house if you have a deck wrapped around the house.

It’s a huge investment, to install a deck, even one that’s just in the backyard. You have to be willing to keep it well maintained with deck stain and a regular high-pressure Deck Wash as necessary.

You can keep up with your deck once a month, all it takes is a little foresight when it comes to the weather!

Maintaining an otter deck is much like maintaining a balcony: you just need to make sure that it won’t crumble in the rain!  Refinishing the deck doesn’t take long, but such a simple act is going to ensure that yours remains to look impressive all year round.

#6 Landscaping the garden is an amazing upgrade to the house, especially if you have children. You can have new fences installed or reinforce old ones, you can call in the landscapers to help you to design the perfect garden for the whole family – there are so many things that you can do to upgrade one of the first places that people will see when they arrive at your home.

You can keep up with the maintenance of a backyard, too, with new grass feed and pruning the flowers back when you need to. The garden is a big piece of the land on which you live, so don’t be afraid to make changes.

#7 Head to the kitchen and make some excellent changes there. You can upgrade the backsplash and save yourself a whole renovation of the kitchen. It is such a simple upgrade, but the kitchen will look majorly different even with a backsplash replaced!

You can even take up the tiles and replace them with a new color or mosaic effect, and you will upgrade your kitchen instantly. Vinyl kitchen cabinets are all the rage recently, too, as they are an easy way to breathe life into the cupboards without much effort.

Home renovations don’t have to be bank account killers. You can make small upgrades to the house and see the instant change that adds value to the house itself. You can also make huge upgrades that don’t affect the value too much but still look fantastic and are comfortable to live in.

Plan your renovations carefully, and you’ll be living in a house you love!

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