Discover These 5 Tips To Increase The Selling Price Of Your Home


Bins with trash that’s overflowing, fast food burger boxes, ugly cigarette butts and other trash that litters the streets often discourage buyers and brings down the value of a home.  

Curb appeal is a major factor in the value that buyers place on a home, and if the outside is riddled with trash it will unquestionably bring the value of the home down.  

A study done on the matter suggest that as much as 12% of the total price of your property could be wiped away just because the outside of the house is unappealing.

While cleaning the excessive litter in the neighborhood might help, there are some other ways that will likely add more value.


Kitchen Improvements

For many families, the kitchen is a center point and having good appliances along with nice looking countertops and ample cabinets will significantly enhance the appeal of the home.

For most, it would be impractical to try and completely remodeled the kitchen.  But replacing cheap looking countertops and other accessories such as faucets may go a long way to improving the overall appeal of this important room.

You might consider painting the cabinets and giving the entire space a very thorough cleaning. Remove grease and lime stains from any area.

Often accessories such as cabinet door handles and modern faucet fixtures can completely transform an otherwise dull kitchen. Some estimates suggest that small improvements in a kitchen can increase the overall value of a home by up to 5%.


Period Home Features

Anytime you live in a home that is associated with a particular period such as a Victorian home, you will want to make sure that skirting and doors and other similar features fit the particular period.

If it’s possible to put a little money into home improvements then consider restoring railing and appropriate fireplaces won’t be overly expensive and yet can significantly improve the appeal of the home and make it easier to sell your home.

Often you can visit salvage yards and other similar places and find the perfect accessories to spruce up the home.

Home buyers who want period homes will be more inclined to purchase one that has its decor and accessories matching the period. Paying close attention to these types of details are among the top tips to increase the value of a home.


Get Your Garden In Order

Having a weed-ridden garden is no different than having trash in the yard. People pay attention to how things look inside and outside of a home.

Homes that are more organized and clean are perceived as being in better condition and therefore more valuable.

Trimming the hedges around the home, making sure the lawn is cut and putting the garden in good order, are all things that can have a significant impact on the impression your home makes to potential buyers.

When you care about your lawn, your shrubs and your garden, people conclude that you are someone who takes care of the things you own. Wall fountains for your outdoor space can be an awesome addition. Some research suggests that a nice lawn together with a well-managed garden can increase a home’s value by 10% or more.


Clean Gets More Green

As discussed above, trash outside or inside the house can bring its value down. Likewise, having a very clean home can increase the overall value of your home and what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

No matter how you lived in the home when selling it, you will want to clean it from top to bottom until it glistens. If you’ve gone to the trouble of painting and placing your furniture perfectly and cleaning the flooring then you don’t want the rest of the house to look dirty.

In addition to cleaning the normal areas, you will want to make sure not to overlook cleaning windows and the window sills and in the corners of rooms. If there is any trash or litter in the front of your home clean it up regardless of whether you put it there or not.


Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of the easiest ways to make a home look great and in new condition is to paint it. Whether it’s the walls or cabinets or doors, they all get drab overtime and a fresh coat of paint is the fastest and easiest way to restore it to look like new. Doing so is not excessively expensive and it’s not difficult to do.

When a potential buyer walks in and everything is clean and freshly painted and the furniture is well-organized, it gives an appealing presentation to the buyer.

They feel that the home has been taken care of and that it looks nice and smells nice and is well organized and this makes them comfortable in making the buying decision. It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the paint job because a poor job will defeat the purpose.

When choosing the color of the paint it’s important that you go with neutral and basic colors. You never know what the individual taste of the potential buyer might be.  

If you go with unusual colors or incredibly bright colors it’s highly likely to turn off the potential buyer. But even if the person likes those type of colors but you have a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls they’re still going to find the home appealing.

So what are you doing to improve the sales price of your home?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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