2 Easy and Inexpensive DIYs to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home


You’re selling your home and would like to get the price it deserves – even a bit more, if possible.

To some, getting the best price means pulling up their sleeves and getting the paint out; to others, finding a suitable real estate agent seems to be enough work. When the sale goes through, one of them is going to smile a bit brighter than the other.

Getting your hands dirty is going to bring in a bit of extra cash when you finally sell, it’s self-explanatory.

The additional work is often avoided as people think it’s expensive or not going to be worth it, at the end of the day, but a few straight-forward and cost-effective DIY’s can do magic.

Here are the best pieces of advice from those who sold before you – and managed to boost the value significantly.


#1 The first impression: Paint and panels

Both you and your house are judged on the way you looks – it’s one of those odd things you have in common. Just like you would spend a bit of extra time in front of the mirror before meeting new people, you should give the exterior of your house a make-over before any potential buyers come to visit.

After all, a shiny kitchen and charming living room mean very little if they were put off the moment they identified your driveway – and the impression is less than likely to change when they walk in.

If the outside walls look weather-beaten and the paint is starting to fade, you’ll reap a lot of benefits by giving it a new layer. It will shine in the sun with a fresh, deep color, and immediately make your entire home more appealing.

Think about other parts of its exterior that need a bit of love – replace any loose panels, repair other visible signs of damage, and remember to keep your driveway clean.

It’s like getting it ready for a blind date, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all.


#2 The second impression: De-clutter it

It’s a good idea to get advice from your real-estate agent a while before your first viewings. Learn how to find a good one or have a look at Joe Manausa Real Estate to save a bit of time. They’re most likely going to tell you to make your home look as good as possible – and this means that you need to tidy up.

Not just a bit – we’re talking a proper spring clean so that it’s staged excellently for your early visitors. Do a better job than the first time your mother-in-law came to visit, and keep in mind that a potential buyer isn’t necessarily too interested in evidence of pets or personal hobbies.

It should have a clean and welcoming look, without adding too much of your personality in it – the job is tough, so consider hiring a professional.

It will cost you a bit extra, naturally, but a decent home-whisperer is able to boost the value of your home by simply staging it right.

Keep in mind that any repairs you overlook now might haunt you later on, specifically when you prepare to sell it. Get it over with now and make it look better for its future owners and boost its value at the same time – you know your home deserves it.

What are you doing to improve your house and give it more curb appeal?  Share your thoughts below.


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