9 Tips for Maximizing Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

curb appealIn the competitive world of real estate, first impressions matter. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to selling your home, that initial impact is almost always linked to your home’s exterior or its curb appeal.

Did you know that in Pittsburgh, homes receive an average of 3 offers and typically sell in just about 48 days? The potential buyer’s initial impression, largely influenced by curb appeal, can be the deciding factor in these statistics.

With enhanced curb appeal, the likelihood is that your house will fetch a higher price and sell sooner than the mentioned average. So, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Roof Inspection and Repair

Roofs play a crucial role in protecting our homes from external factors. However, over time, even the sturdiest roofs require attention. If left unchecked, a faulty roof can lead to internal damages and escalate electricity costs.

Interestingly, in Pittsburgh, residents spend an average of around $277 on their monthly electricity bills, which is approximately 27% more than the national average.

Ensuring a well-maintained roof can contribute to reducing these costs. Potential home buyers are not only focused on aesthetics but also emphasize the functionality of a home, particularly when it comes to long-term savings.

So, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure the roof is in optimal condition. Simply look up Pittsburgh residential roofing company near me to find the right professionals for the job.

2. Clean and Declutter

When selling a home, the outside matters as much as the inside. Keeping the exterior tidy is the first step. Begin with simple tasks: Wash sidewalks, driveways, and the house’s outer walls. This removes dirt and grime, instantly making the house appear fresher.

Next, focus on the windows. Clean windows let in more light and look inviting. After that, address the yard and porch area. Over time, debris, including leaves and small twigs, can gather in these spaces. It’s a good practice to clear them out.

3. Refresh Your Landscaping

The exterior of a house speaks volumes about what might be inside. To keep it inviting and pleasant, pay attention to the landscaping. Start by focusing on overgrown bushes, trees, and shrubs. Trimming them back not only enhances appearance but also ensures they remain healthy.

Next, look at the lawn. Regular mowing keeps the grass at an even height and reduces the chances of pests. Maintaining the edges of pathways and flower beds sharpens the overall look of the yard.

Additionally, consider adding fresh mulch to flower beds. This simple step makes the area appear tidier and also benefits plants by retaining moisture. Finally, infuse some life with seasonal flowers.

4. Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting plays a dual role in safety and enhancing visual appeal. Begin by evaluating the existing lights.

If some are old or malfunctioning, it’s time for a replacement. Modern fixtures, even if simple, can give your home an updated look. More importantly, they can offer better brightness.

Next, focus on main areas like pathways and entrances. Good lighting in these spaces is essential, not just for aesthetics but also for safety. It prevents accidents, such as tripping, and adds a layer of security by deterring unwanted visitors.

5. Repaint or Touch Up

Over time, paint can fade or chip, leading to a worn-out appearance. Addressing this can make a significant difference. If repainting the entire exterior feels like a huge task or isn’t in the budget, smaller changes can still make a difference.

Concentrate on high-traffic or high-visibility areas like trimmings, shutters, and doors. Even a simple touch-up to these elements can create a fresh look.

When selecting colors, it’s wise to stick to neutral shades as they tend to be liked by a wider audience and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

6. Revamp the Front Door

The front door is more than just an entryway; it sets the tone for the entire home. Over time, doors can show wear and tear. However, if the door itself is in good shape, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. A change in color can breathe new life into the entrance.

Next, inspect the door’s hardware. Doorknobs, handles, and knockers can become tarnished or outdated. Updating these small elements can elevate the door’s appearance.

7. Replace or Repair Old Hardware

Hardware, though small, can greatly influence a home’s first impression. For instance, if house numbers are faded or outdated, they might portray a sense of neglect.

Changing them out for newer, modern numbers can freshen up the exterior immediately.

Similarly, a mailbox that’s seen better days can be a subtle eyesore. Getting a new one or simply giving the old one a makeover can enhance the curb appeal.

The same goes for door handles. If they’re tarnished or old-fashioned, swapping them for newer designs can modernize the entrance.

8. Keep the Driveway and Pathways in Good Shape

When someone approaches a house, they’re likely to notice cracks, uneven surfaces, or obstructions, even subconsciously.

Cracks in a driveway can indicate neglect, even if the rest of the home is well-maintained. Filling these cracks and considering a reseal can revitalize the appearance and extend the life of the driveway.

On the other hand, pathways should be safe and inviting. An even surface reduces the risk of tripping, while a clear path shows consideration for visitors. It’s a good practice to regularly check for and remove any debris or obstacles.

9. Add Small, Tasteful Decorations

Small decorations in outdoor spaces can elevate the look of a home. For instance, a bench provides both function and aesthetics, offering a place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Similarly, a water feature, like a fountain, introduces a calming element to the setting, and the sound of flowing water can be relaxing. A birdbath, on the other hand, attracts local birdlife, providing homeowners and visitors with a chance to observe and enjoy nature up close.

However, it’s crucial to strike a balance. Over-decorating can make a space feel chaotic and can detract from the home’s natural beauty. Moderation is key.


Improving a home’s exterior is a thoughtful blend of maintenance and aesthetics. Fixing driveways and keeping paths clear are examples of regular maintenance that assure safety and longevity.

Simultaneously, smart choices in roofing, paint, lighting, and modest decorations add charm. A few minor adjustments, like new hardware or a front door, make a big difference in the overall appeal.

The goal is a balanced, inviting exterior that showcases both functionality and beauty. Remember, the outside of your home sets the first impression, so every detail counts.

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