3 Tips to Equipping A Creative Office Thoroughly


Equipping a creative office is much different from perfecting a corporate suited-and-booted enterprise. That’s not to say that one is more impressive or even ‘better’ than the other, just different.

Creative offices often play things a little more loosely, such as relaxing the formal office wear to casual, enjoying silly team-building activities, and investing in the toolkit of their staff once more. Only in a production house would you have many screens, keyboards, and random other items placed around the office.

This means that someone hoping to run their own studio, public or private, requires some extra components and measures to make this effort work out for the best of your ideal operation.

As such, you need to know your staff, your craft, and how to best apply this in the modern world. Additionally, new implements can often be costly, and so learning where to source them effectively will help you stay ahead of the curve and move forward to the best ideal.

With that in mind, we would like to offer some of the following advice:


#1 GPU Servers

GPU servers can be a very important part of your creative suite. When it comes to rendering new video content, mining for cryptocurrencies, or perhaps being able to heavily improve your efficiency, you’re going to see a massive difference in how effectively the office can turn workaround.

This is an important part of a creative office, as working with clients is a long, conversational process, and so in this manner, you will be much better able to stay productive by offloading processing to GPU units.


#2 Software Suites

Excellent software suites matter. It’s important to stay as part of the industry standard and remain on the level playing field that is set by the top businesses.

For example, if you’re a motion graphics company that chooses to never use Adobe After Effects CC, odds are you have a hidden program no-one knows about, conduct everything in Blender and other workaround solutions from there, or you are using programs that aren’t up to the cutting-edge.

Thankfully, invoicing philosophies regarding large service subscriptions have changed over recent years, meaning that purchase All-Apps office software suites are no longer as aggressively dictated as they might be.


#3 Industry Standard Equipment

Industry-standard equipment is also quite clearly important. For example, computers with cloud computing support, the best graphics tablets (not cheaper options), mechanical keyboards to help the health of your writer’s fingers, IPS display monitors with accurate color representation, as well as ergonomic chairs that offer an upright sense of alertness when working at a terminal – all of this is essential for someone interested in visual design, but can also help your office stay thoroughly productive in all of their work.

Additionally, subscribing to the best VPN, sideways messaging app such as Slack or other premium suites may help your staff keep ahead of the curve when communicating, allowing their process to continue in the best manner possible.

With this advice, you’re sure to equip a creative office thoroughly.

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