5 Simple Ways to Engage Better with Clients


For any business in any sector, your clients are what keep you going. But with so much competition out there these days, it can be difficult to find new and innovative ways to engage with them.

This doesn’t mean that you should constantly be trying to sell to your clients all day, every day, but you should instead be trying to help them out in different areas of their lives.

So, here are are few simple ways that you can better engage with your clients.


#1 Use Technology Wisely

Of course, social media is a vital part of every modern business, but rather than just using it to push your products and services, you should be looking to engage with customers directly.

Perhaps this is by surveying your customers to see what they would like your business to do next or answering their problems and queries directly.

Another way that you could use technology is to replace your old company brochure and check out flipbook benefits. Keeping up with the latest technology is a great way to ensure that you always stay ahead of the curve.


#2 Reward Your Customers for Loyalty

In many ways, customer loyalty is more challenging to achieve now than it has ever been. For example, you could offer regular customers some kind of loyalty bonus like a discount or bonus.

If a client has been with you for a particularly long time, you could invite them to an exclusive event that makes them feel like part of the team.

Maybe you could also promote their businesses to show that you care about their success as well as your own.


#3 Give Them Access to Exclusive Content or Offers

Everyone likes to feel like they are getting something exclusive which is not readily available to others. You could provide content or offers to people who subscribe to your mailing list or people who have paid for a membership to your organization.

Try to vary up the type of offers and content that you are providing so people don’t become bored from receiving the same thing over and over again.


#4 Hold Contests

Everyone loves the chance to win free stuff, and holding contests are one of the best ways that you can grab people’s attention and reward them directly for getting involved.

A common way that businesses get more followers is by asking entrants to like and share posts on social media. Otherwise, you could hold a contest which involved tagging other people in posts to generate awareness.


#5 Build an Online Forum

As well as encouraging customers to interact with you, you can also encourage them to interact with each other in an online forum.

On top of setting your own topics of conversation, you can also let your customers pick and choose so that they can talk about the things that they really want to be talking about.

There you have just a few simple ways to engage with your clients which you can start using today.

So what are you doing to engage better with clients?  Share your ideas and thoughts below in the comments.


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