How To Gain More Clients When Freelancing


As a freelancer, every working day can be different from the next one. And was months go by, you never know how busy or how quiet a month could be.

That can be quite worrying, and so in order to help that, you want to increase your client database to give you a bit more peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Here are some ways to gain more clients when freelancing.


Use Your Existing Contacts

You may already have a number of clients that you use and depending on the industry you work in, there may be benefits to those existing clients.

For example, if you do freelance writing, the PR or marketing companies that you reach out to on a monthly basis may have other colleagues in the business that is worth reaching out to.

Don’t be afraid to be cheeky and ask your existing contacts whether they have any other colleagues or people that they know from other companies who are looking for work from a freelance writer.

They may be able to help or they might not, but it’s worth asking otherwise you may miss out on those opportunities to make new clients.


Do Cold Pitching

When pitching to a new client, it can be difficult to know what to say, but cold pitching can be a great way of drumming up some work for your freelancing portfolio.

Look online for examples of how to word emails for cold pitching. You want to make it personable and to try to be short and sweet but still get your reasoning for emailing, across.

Try to avoid sending bulk emails that have no personalization because the likelihood of this being read is probably going to be slim. It might take you a little longer, but it may be the difference in having more of those clients that you pitch to, email back.


Go To Networking Events

Networking is essential for any business, and that’s the same for freelancers. A freelancer may not necessarily have the same advantages as attending on behalf of a business.

There are plenty of events that take place in which you can attend and get to know those local to you, both fellow freelancers and business owners. Anyone you meet at these events is going to be relevant to your work in some way.

Take a friend with you if you’re nervous and try to find some common ground with each person you come across. Be yourself and engage in the conversations that you have with everyone.


Promote Your Portfolio Of Work

Don’t forget about the work that you’ve already done and have been successful.

This portfolio is worth promoting, so if you have the ability to put it into a digital format, it’s something you can show off on a website or a business-related site like LinkedIn.

Having pride in your work is going to appeal to new clients because it shows your confidence in the work that you’ve produced to show it off.

Try these tips, and you’re more likely to gain more clients in the future.

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