Long Tail Pro Review – Plus A Complete Video On How It Works

Over the last few months of doing my niche site updates you might have heard me mention a tool I’ve using to help me target that all important search engine traffic for my sites called Long Tail Pro.

Now typically I don’t do reviews on products like this but I do have a few reasons why I want to do this.  First off, this tool is awesome and has helped me improve my business, it’s also helped save me a ton of time doing my keyword and competitive research, and finally it’s helped me target high paying keywords that will improve my earning over time.

However this tool has also helped me avoid countless hours of wasted time and money.  This tool in itself has helped me avoid some huge financial mistakes and that is why I choose cover this product.  Not because someone wants me to promote it but rather because I feel it is truly a genuine product.

So in this article I’m going to do an indepth review, give you the pro’s and con’s, show you who should have this tool, and finally I also put together a video of me personally showing you how the tool works in real time. With that said let’s get started.

How Long Tail Pro Works (Video)

To start I think it would be best before I get into the pros and cons of this product that I show you exactly just what this product can really do.  So take a moment and watch the video below and I will show you just how Long Tail Pro can benefit you and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Now as  you can see this product has big benefits to it.

Long Tail Pro Positives

  • Saves You Time.  To start it’s obvious that Long Tail Pro can save you tons of time.  All you have to do is input some seed keywords, define your filters, and start sifting through keywords.  I can tell you from my own experience that this beat using just the Google Adwords tool hands down.
  • Finds More Traffic For You.  Secondly, Long Tail Pro also helps you identify more keywords with more traffic potential by analysing the competitiveness in seconds.  I use to do my own competitive analysis  and it would take me hours upon hours to find one decent keyword.  Now I can do all the same work in minutes, not hours.
  • Finds Profitable Keywords.  Third, the one of the things I love most about this program is that it finds all the profitable keywords for me.  As I showed you in the video I can determine the value of a keyword in the filters section saving me time.
  • One Time Fee.  Finally, what attracted me most to this tool is the that fact that I only have to pay a one time fee instead of a recurring monthly fee that never ends.  I’ve used a lot of tools to analyze keywords over the years and the biggest problem I alway dealt with was paying a monthly fee even when I wasn’t using the tool.  With a one time fee I don’t feel nearly as bad because I don’t have to pay that recurring fee when I’m not using it.

Now that I’ve given you the positives about this product I don’t think it would at least be fair to discuss the negatives as well to make this a fair and just review.

Long Tail Pro Negatives

  • Direction.  One of the few issues I faced with this product when I first got it was determining with all this data in front of me what was a good keyword that I should target and what is one I should not.  It’s great that this tool brings all of this data together in one spot but when you don’t know what everything means it’s still hard to understand what might be considered a good keyword.  However once you spend a little time with the tool things will become clear as to what is a good keyword and what is not over time.
  • Load Time.  The other issue I had was since I had an older computer was the load time to generate the keyword list and do the competitive analysis.   However if you have a new computer this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

When it comes down to it even with those few negatives this tool is still worth every single penny.  Since owning this tool I’ve uncovered a few hundred great keyword that I can use to create blog post and even build an entire niche site around.

Who Should Have Long Tail Pro

Now that we’ve covered how Long Tail Pro works, and the pros and cons, you may be wondering who this tool might be meant for.  In my opinion this tool is meant for 3 main groups.

  • Bloggers.  First off, it’s obvious that this tool makes a great fit for bloggers as I just mentioned.  Whenever I’m trying to work out a title for a blog post this tool is my secret weapon to finding the profitable keywords I need to increase my businesses income.  
  • Niche Sites.  This tool also comes in handy when you want to build an entire site around a specific topic.  With Long Tail Pro it can help me zero in on the keyword I need to buy for my domain name and bring in the big traffic without all the competition.
  • Small Business Owners.  Finally, the last group of people I feel this product makes a great fit for is small business owners.  As a small business owner myself running a small manufacturing business I’ve often thought about using this tool find the keywords that will bring in more leads and jobs to my business.

So there you have it, if you fit in one of those 3 groups you will definitely want to look into this product.  Now I should mention if you are a beginner in one of these 3 groups and considering the thought of buying this tool, DO IT!

This tool is perfect for beginners since it’s easy to use but more than that it can get your career off the ground and running in no time by helping you target the right keywords instead of  blindly picking the wrong keywords over and over like I did for so many years.

How Much Does Long Tail Pro Cost

At this point with all the things we’ve covered so far you may be wondering how much do Long Tail Pro cost?  The product itself cost $97 however their is also a platinum version that runs $97 plus a monthly fee of $17.

But before you buy this product I have some specific instructions for you on how to buy and get it for $77 instead of $97 dollars.

1. Click The Link.  First you will want to click this link to review the product page.  I should also mention I am an affiliate of this product and will be compensated if you do buy this product, however this in no way means it will cost you anymore than if you didn’t buy it through my affiliate link. If you do happen to buy this product though I would like hear from you and get your thoughts.

2. Sign Up For The 10 Day Free Trial.  Second, you will want to sign up for the 10 day free trial.  This will not require you to input any sort of credit card and besides that you can also use PayPal if you prefer.

3. Wait For The Discount Email.  Once you have signed up for the 10 day free trial you will receive an email in a few days to buy the full version for $77 instead of the full price cost of $97.  Once you receive that email you will want to sign up shortly because the discount will only last for one day.

Is Long Tail Pro Worth It

In the end I hope my Long Tail Pro Review has helped you make a better buying decision and improve your business as well, but when it comes down to it I feel it’s worth the money and the time.

So take the time now and sign up for Long Tail Pro now and get the free 10 day trial.

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  1. Thanks Rita I really appreciate that. My hope is that people will find the same value in it that I did. It can be a really helpful tool at times when you stuck in that rut trying to figure out what you should write about.

  2. Nice review Chris. I bought LTP several months ago. The free version was not available at the time, so they gave me a link to buy it for $47. I’ve been using it more and will likely upgrade to the monthly add-on as I hear that is where the true value is.

  3. Seems pretty cool Chris. I know that Pat Flynn also uses LTP. I don’t know enough about niche sites, and I don’t have enough time either to build ’em. I’ve got my hands full just with my work and blog alone.

  4. That’s great John. I actually got LTP for $47 back a few months ago but that was only because Pat Flynn had a $47 one day special going for it. I should also mention that if others are reading this and happen to find a deal similar to this go for it. I know I mentioned people could get it for $77 in my review but if you find a better deal go for it, saving money is saving money.

    As for the Platinum version I tried it for a month and it definitely had some great features giving you an overall score which really helps but I couldn’t justify the extra $17 dollars.

  5. I totally agree with you there Troy I’ve actually pull back on working on my niche sites as well right now. I would like to do more with them but my summer has just been crazy so far. Anyways thanks for your input.

  6. I’m also curious about the premium version. I think the only thing that interests me is it says you can figure out how hard the competition is. Is that competition for advertising to those keywords, or for placing in search? I don’t advertise, so I wouldn’t need the upgrade if it’s about getting your ad shown…

  7. Good question Pat. Long Tail is geared more towards SEO Competition rather than Advertiser competition. On top of that the little bit I’ve used the premium version it only shows the extra competition number giving you an average score of how competitive that particular keyword is on an SEO basis. Other than that it doesn’t do much else, and for I just couldn’t justify the extra $17 a month to know one little number.

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