Reduce Your Site Visit Bounce Rate With These 3 Smart Tactics [Video]


If you don’t know what your bounce rate is your business may be in trouble. The reason for this is because it is the number of visits you get to your site, that then navigate away after seeing your landing page.

What it translates to is how many people saw your landing page and instead of carrying on to make a valued action like purchasing or providing contact details, just left instead.

This is such an important number because it shows where you are be losing out on potential customers. Luckily is something you can do about this though, and all you need to do is read on to find out what.


#1 Optimize for mobile

First, it’s pretty important that your website is optimized for the type of device that your customers are most likely to be viewing it on. That means with such a huge percentage of the population doing a large majority of their interest browsing in smartphones; your website must be as accessible to them, as well as those using PCs and laptops.

Of course, having a website optimized for a mobile platform isn’t just about shrinking and reducing the functionality of the original design. In fact, many sites need to be designed from scratch for a mobile platform to ensure that they retain the functions your customers will expect but still look the part.


#2 Make your landing page awesome


Obviously, if customers are being drawn to your site, but then pushed away by your landing page, the latter element is going to need some additional work.

In fact, your landing page is hugely important in reducing bounce rate, and because of this, it is worth investing some serious time and money in making it awesome. After all, first impressions do count, especially on the web!

With this in mind, using dynamic text replacement that matches what your customer has searched for, as well as A/B testing and the use of target popups can be a real boon.

Luckily, you don’t have to have a postgraduate degree in website design to do this either, as you can try Unbounce for free, a landing page builder that will help you create a site that is best suited to your customers.

After all, keeping the customers in mind during the design and execution of your website is the most important thing.


#3 Content must be valuable

Lastly, you can also reduce your site bounce rate by providing content that is well matched to your target demographic.

This is so important because such content is the lure you can use to trade for your customer’s time and attention regarding your marketing materials.

Of course, this trade is usually implicit meaning that neither side state it is happening. Instead, it is just expected that the content you are offering will have value in term of interest, information, help, entertainment, or a mixture of the above that will convince them to continue using your site.

See the video below for some particularly engaging content examples to use as inspiration.

So what are you doing to reduce bounce rate on your website?

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