6 Best Tips To Get Started With A Lucrative Side Hustle


No matter how much money you make from your full-time job, earning extra bucks always feels good. The best part is that you can do it easily because there are countless opportunities out there.

Just investing a few hours after work can make you good money. However, finding the right side hustle idea is easier said than done. You need to try something that matches your skills and resources. Additionally, it should be lucrative enough to give you value for the extra time and effort you invest.

Beyond everything else, you need the right strategy to get started with the side hustle and make sure that it really pays off. Here are some tips to help.


#1 Have a plan of action in place

Even before you start thinking about trying it out, have a plan in place first. Don’t just jump in because a friend or colleague is doing it. Consider factors such as whether you will have time and energy left after you come back home from work.

Your ability to do a side hustle successfully also depends on your responsibilities at home. If you have toddlers to tend to at the end of the day, you cannot expect to juggle everything together. In case you are really keen on working extra, ask your partner to help with domestic responsibilities.


#2 Schedule time for the side hustle

Doing a side hustle successfully is all about time management. Scheduling your time right from the start is the key. Consider time-saving tricks like commuting through public transport rather than driving so that you can reach home early.

Set time on your weekends aside, with at least a few hours to complete deadlines so that you are less stressed during the weekdays. Aim to give an hour or two every morning or evening to the side hustle, as it works for you.


#3 List out your skills and interests

Once you are done with the planning and scheduling part, you need to decide the side hustle that works best for you.

Choose something that you would enjoy doing and is easy for you as well. For example, someone with a creative flair can earn extra money fast by writing an e-book and enjoy the work as well. Similarly, you can try blogging or becoming an Instagram influencer if you have a passion for food or fashion.

Anything that matches your skill sets and interests is a good idea because you can do it almost effortlessly.


#4 Ensure that there are no conflicts of interest

If you are doing a full-time job besides the side hustle, act with professionalism. Make sure that the extra thing does not lead to a conflict of interest because one wrong decision can ruin your career.

A side hustle is only for extra income and you cannot risk your paycheck for only those extra bucks. If the two don’t blend together, you can try something else that is not in conflict with your 9 to 5 job.


#5 Decide whether you want to grow in the future

People often start something as a side hustle and end up doing it as a full-time business later. Making up your mind early on helps because you can move in the right direction. If you really want to do it, plan your timelines and set aside savings for investing in the business.

You may even chart a growth and expansion plan for the side hustle. Who knows, it may make you a successful entrepreneur one day!


#6 Stay motivated

Working extra hours after a tiring day at the office can be painful. There are days when you would not feel like it and you may just want to rest on the weekends. But even a side hustle has its own set of responsibilities.

You need to be as committed to deadlines as you are in a full-time job. Staying motivated is essential if you want to do everything because it keeps you going. After all, you would not want to start something with enthusiasm and end up quitting it midway.

Beyond following these tips for doing a side hustle successfully, pay attention to your health. Be good to your body and focus on fitness and good diet to keep your energy levels up. Take breaks and do not overwork otherwise you may burn yourself out.

Having a support system at home is equally vital; so get your spouse or family involved in your decision. Don’t just look for money when you decide to start a side hustle, look for something that you would love to do!

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