5 Stellar Jobs For Anyone Looking To Work In Computers


As we glide gracefully into the future as a society, we’re going to be using computers and other technology more and more.

For those elders that like to live as they did, and for those of this generation that aren’t tech-savvy, it might be slightly frustrating to see the abundance of gadgets forever increasing. It’s happening, though. Smart people out there are constantly coming up with many, many convenient ways of living using technology – and they’re doing it almost every day.

As we’re slotted firmly into a heavily technological era, we’re finding that an awful lot of job opportunities nowadays are based around the use of a computer (or a machine of some sort). Twenty to thirty years ago, having one computer in the office was seen as luxurious. Now we’re blessed with heaps of them in the most average workplaces.

How convenient!

If you’re a fresh young kid looking to begin a career, or you fancy a change from where you are now, and you want to earn money with PCs, laptops and similar stuff like that, then let’s have a little look at what’s out there for you. There are tonnes of ways you can go, but let’s go through a select few here.


#1 Hardware Engineer

How we even came up with something like a computer is beyond the minds of most people. They’re things we all now take for granted, but they’re super complicated.

If you’re interested in the fine details and how it’s all made up, you could train to be a hardware engineer. You’ll learn about all the parts and how to work. You could get a job manufacturing computers or providing support for people that need their computers fixed.


#2 Web Designer

Seemingly everyone has a website nowadays. Businesses especially need them as they need to keep up with the times and represent themselves online.

Websites don’t just happen by themselves, however. Somebody uses their ability and creativity to come up with something attractive. Working in web design would be a nice option as you get to learn about the coding side as well as the artistic and functional side.

Coding is a valuable skill and will prove to be even more so as we progress technologically. Freelance web designers often make a good living because, as we mentioned before, the demand is always relatively high.


#3 IT Consultant

Businesses need to have all of their facets running perfectly. If they want even a shred of success, they need all of the aspects to be performing well.

There are companies out there that pride themselves on their IT ability. Businesses get in touch with them when they need to be advised and guided through the IT side of things in order to achieve goals and meet targets.

If you fancy yourself as quite the whiz, it might be a good move for you.


#4 Game Designer

This is a more fun option. It’s something a lot of youngsters say want to do when they’re asked about their future.

It sounds like pie in the sky, but it’s a real thing. It takes a lot of work and practice due to all of the different aspects that go into a game, but there are courses in schools and universities that teach this kind of thing.


#5 Graphic Design

Finally, if you’re a hugely artistic and expressive character, then you could earn a living by creating different images for clients.

Much like with web design, the demand for graphic designers is forever increasing, so it’s a good way of earning big money. You could be asked to create brand logos, titles for books/magazines, even albums covers.

What kind of computer jobs are you interested in?

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