There’s More To Being An Electrician Than Electric


There’s plenty of reason to work as an electrician and even more to start your own business out of it.

There’s always going to be a lot of demand on the market and room for new teams. It’s also a highly-paid skill if you use it right.

But using isn’t just about being qualified and ensuring you keep up-to-date with the most profitable competencies. You also have to run the business that provides those services.


Team Management


If you want to make serious money, then you don’t want to be the only spark on the team. Hiring right is essential.

Hiring good junior members is about focusing on the same things a client would want to see in you. Proof of their skills and signs of their competencies.

Start early by finding those looking for work experience to ensure their skills fit your needs by the time they’re ready for a job. It’s about more than just hiring, as well.

You have to make sure your project management and internal communication skills are on point. You also need to ensure that people actually want to keep working for you.

Employee satisfaction and providing development opportunities are vital in retaining those workers.



People have plenty of need for electricians, but you have to make sure you’re the one that they choose. Shockingly effective websites for electricians don’t just give an idea of what skills they have and what services they provide.

They show proof, not only in displaying their certification but in examples of work that has been done in the past and testimonials that speak to the level of service that they provide.

The website isn’t the only way to build leads, of course. Asking for referrals, joining networks online, engaging in pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization are all valid lead-building methods.

Even branding your van with your logo and contact details is an important way to get more visibility and get noticed by more potential clients.


Resource Management


While you’re busy finding jobs and working on projects, you need to make sure that you always have your finger on the pulse of the business.

You need to make the best use of your resources by tracking them. Keeping an eye on the finances is an obvious place to start, but time management is just as essential. Keep a pipeline of different leads and how close you are to closing on them.

This will inform your schedule so that you’re not dealing with clashes down the line that could lose you a lead forever. Working on different leads and comparing them is an essential part of figuring out which jobs offer more potential for profit, too.

Even your contacts are a resource to be managed. Suppliers, networking partners, clients with high referral potential.

Tracking them and keeping them in mind is as simple as building and checking a database regularly.


Do You Want to Be an Electrician?

As mentioned up top, there will always be a lot of demand for a good electrician, but there is also plenty of existing competition out there.

Coming out on top is about running the business better than they do, not just providing a better service. Be better at building leads, at managing teams, and using your resources wisely.

So are you considering the idea of becoming an electrician?  What is it that you finding interesting about this kind of business?  Share your thoughts and comments below.



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