The Birth Of Your Kids Needn’t Mean The Death Of Your Career


For many new parents-to-be, the approaching birth of their child is a source of great joy, to be sure… But also a fair amount of anxiety. After all, they know that their lives will never be the same again.

They’ve no doubt heard all the stories from friends, colleagues and family members who’ve had kids. They’re familiar with the reassurances that when they hold their baby for the first time they’ll feel a love that they never felt possible before, how everything about their psychology changes and that all the stuff that they used to get stressed about will just fall away.

As well-meaning as these assurances tend to be, they do little to assuage the worries, especially the financial kind. Those with babies on the way have a range of financial concerns from finding homes for sale to how the baby will affect their careers.

Many parents, especially mothers, worry that the coming of their child will ring a death knell for their career, but there are many ways in which parenthood can broaden your skill set and make you more potent and employable in the world of work.


Parenthood makes you a great multitasker

While raising a child is certainly a challenge, it’s a crucible from which parents emerge with outstanding organizational skills.

Raising a baby, in particular, requires incredible mindfulness as well as the ability to juggle various tasks while keeping a close eye on your baby.

Moreover, those who raise their kids with a partner become naturally gifted delegates, sharing responsibilities fairly and sensibly with aplomb.

When parents return to the world of work, not only do the quotidian trials of their jobs seem far less grinding and stressful after the psychological recalibration of parenthood, but the rigors of any workday pale in comparison to night feedings and endless bottle sterilizations and diaper changes.


Parenthood is great for developing interpersonal skills

One of the greatest gifts that parenthood imparts is patience. Patience is the essence of outstanding interpersonal skills.

No brash colleague, no demanding boss, no difficult customer and no lazy subordinate is half as challenging or immune to reason or logic as a toddler in the fits of a tantrum.

You’ll find that you return to work with an admirable serenity that allows you to negotiate even the most difficult of interactions with grace and aplomb.


Parenthood can make you more appealing to employers

Employers recognize that parents make great candidates as they offer skills and experiences that childless candidates do not.

They recognize that parents are less flaky and are likely to remain in their job as they have families to provide for.

They consider parents stable and committed individuals who have already demonstrated the ultimate act of commitment. Research shows that parents tend to be less distracted at work and are better equipped to handle special duties and responsibilities.

Parenthood is a joyous, exciting and often challenging journey, but it is also a profoundly enriching experience that can give your career a much-needed boost!

I know for me parenthood has been a great advantage in my life and I hope it can be in yours.  I would love to hear any stories you might have that have allowed you to take advantage of the same opportunities like they have for me.


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