How to Create the Perfect Resume


Landing the perfect job starts with having the perfect resume. The first point of contact between an employer and a potential employee starts with the resume.

If a business doesn’t like what they see when a resume is presented to them, they won’t bother to call for an interview.

A resume is how you get your foot in the door. That’s why you need to create one that stands out in a crowd, is free of errors, and has all the relevant information.

Here’s how to create the perfect resume.


Keep it Simple

When a potential employer is looking to learn about you, they don’t want to have to read paragraphs and paragraphs of content. Instead, you need to keep your resume short and simple. To do that, follow the following steps:

  • Use bullet points
  • Keep sentences short
  • Don’t include pictures, charts
  • Break up content into different sections


Limit Work Experience to What is Relevant

If you’ve had decades of experience, you don’t want to include all of that. It will overwhelm and confuse potential employers. Not all of it is relevant anyway. You’ll want to only include jobs that are related to the job in which you’re applying.

You also want to keep your job experience within the last 5 years or so, especially if you’ve had multiple jobs. If it’s not relevant, don’t include jobs you’ve only held for a few months.


Cut Resume Down to 1, 2 Pages Max

You need to get right to the point when trying to show potential employers why they should give you a shot and interview you. Hiring directors are typically pressed for time. They want to glance at your resume and be able to see what your relevant experience is and if you’ve won any awards.

They don’t want to have to read through complex sentences and paragraphs of information. Keep your resume straight to the point and confined to the front and back of a sheet of a page.


Back up Claims with Facts

Potential employers appreciate facts. They want to see proof that you’ve done all that you said you’ve done.

Otherwise, anyone can lie on a resume. If you’ve won an award, be specific. If you’re certified in a certain specialty, describe that thoroughly.


Always Start with the Important Facts

Overall, you want to be specific on your resume. You want to include information that is concise but will also wow the hiring director. Your resume needs to stand apart from the crowd so that you can make it to the next round. If you’re having doubts, use a resume-building service.

They’ll instruct you to start with your most relevant job information or awards first. You can visit this site for help:

A hiring director should also be able to take a quick glance at your resume and know what you’re worth bringing in for an interview. You’ll then want to form a bond with your new employer to ensure a long and successful tenure at work.

What are you doing to make your resume stand out?

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