Do You Have What It Takes For A Career In Nursing?


Have you ever considered a career in nursing?

This field is an attractive career proposition for many, with the potential for high salaries, flexible work options, and with reference to these Grand Canyon University nursing programs, a wide range of fields to get into, both at entry level and within professional development opportunities.

And unlike many of today’s careers, this is one profession that will never go out of fashion, so job security is a near-guarantee.

However, nursing isn’t for everybody, so despite the benefits, we highlighted above, you might want to ask yourself the question we posed in our title if this career has ever appealed to you.


Do you have what it takes for a career in nursing?

These follow-up questions might help you decide.


Do you have a caring nature?

As a nurse, you need to consider the needs of others before your own, so the capacity to show care and compassion is essential.

You will need to have a good listening ear too because as well as giving medical care to your patients, there will be times when just being there for another patient is medicine enough.

Sometimes, you will be called upon to care for patients with difficult behavioral traits too, so patience is a must when you’re faced with challenging situations.

Needless to say, if you are intolerant of others, and consider your needs a priority over others, then nursing might not be for you.


Are you easily grossed out?

This is a no-brainer, but if you struggle to keep your cereal down when watching a medical program on the television, then nursing might not be the right career path for you.

You will be dealing with a wide range of bodily fluids, from blood to vomit, and there will be times when you will see injuries close hand that could cause you to waver.

Nursing is not for the faint-hearted! Still, if you have a strong stomach and you have the ability to show care without the need to run out of the room whenever a nasty sight or smell offends you, then you may be able to cope within the nursing profession.


Can you handle the emotional strain?

As a nurse, you will be on an emotional rollercoaster. There will be days of joy, especially when a patient has made a full recovery, and there will be days of sadness, such as when a patient in your care passes away or receives news of a difficult diagnosis.

Nursing is a tough job, so even if you do have the capacity to deal with blood, etc., your emotional nerves may still feel the strain. Hard as it may seem, you need to emotionally detach yourself from others while still showing care.

This isn’t only for your benefit, but if you can show resilience and a positive attitude, you might also encourage the same in your patients, and that could lead them on the road to a successful recovery.


Final Thoughts…

So, do you have what it takes for a career in nursing?

We haven’t covered every facet of the role here, including the immense physical demands that are part and parcel of the job, but we hope we have done enough to help you consider the possibility, especially if you’re currently weighing up your career choices.

Moving into a nursing career may well be the perfect next step for you, but then again, if you grimace at the sight of your own blood, then you may want to think again!

Let us know your thoughts.

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