5 Reasons Why Video Games Are A Marketer’s Best Friend


Like most people, you’ve probably played a few video games in your time. Data suggest that around two-fifths of Americans spend more than three hours per week playing video games of some sort, mainly on their mobile devices. Games are fun, addictive, and give people a dopamine hit when they win.

It’s only relatively recently, though, the marketers have twigged that gaming is a fabulous marketing tool – something that they can use to sell, sell, sell.

Check out the following reasons why video games are a marketer’s best friend.


#1 They Achieve High Conversion Rates

The great thing about games is that they don’t appear like marketing at all. People will happily click a game in a web browser and even enter their contact details to keep playing. There’s something about games that disarms or overrides a person’s skepticism and gets them to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

High conversion rates are essential. You might not have the opportunity to engage with any particular customer again, so getting that first point of contact is important. Gaming seems like such a counterintuitive way to do that, but there’s no doubt that it works.


#2 They’re Affordable

One of the things that platforms like Roll20 have done is bring down the price of gaming. You can now create browser-based, tabletop experiences for a fraction of the cost compared to ten years ago.

With so many elements of browser games in the public domain, much of the source code is free. All that’s left for the average marketer to do is to add a suitable skin, and they’re done. It’s that simple – no need for a long development process or anything like that.



#3 Users Can Play Them Across Platforms

What platforms do your customers use to interact with you? When it comes to games, it doesn’t matter. Browser-based games will work on any supporting device, so long as the software is compatible with the browser, and it uses advanced HTML5 coding.


#4 Games Can Be Shared On Social Media

You’ll often hear digital marketing gurus telling people to include “sharable” content on their websites. The idea is to create content and then use each visitor as leverage to transmit that content to their contacts across the web, increasing the website’s reach.

The problem is that the content that people share is usually quite dry: a blog post or a video. It’s not particularly interesting. Games, on the other hand, can appeal to a broad and somewhat different audience, and get people competing against each other.

Games can be a fun way to share an experience in a way that a photo or a blog post isn’t.


#5  Don’t Underestimate The Fun Factor

By and large, people are sick and tired of internet marketing. It’s everywhere, and it’s highly invasive. Games, on the other hand, don’t feel that way at all.

It’s a way for marketers to advertise but without doing so conspicuously. It’s an ingenious strategy and one that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Are you marketing to video gamers?

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