3 Reasons Big Businesses Fail and Why This Happens


Whenever you think about a failing business, it’s easy for the mind to jump to all of the small businesses that are struggling out there right now. The world is a vicious place for a business, but it’s not just the small that are suffering.

Due to the constant changes in laws and regulations, the constant competition, and the very unstable economic climate, there’s a lot going on that could rumble a large business. Over the last few years, there seems to be a trend of big businesses failing, and we want to explore why.

When you invest in your own business, you’re taking on such a huge risk. The money, the time commitment, and everything you’ve built with it could fall apart. So if you protect yourself from these three failings, you should have that fighting chance for your business to go all of the ways. So sit back and relax, and make sure you’re avoiding these problems in the future.


#1 Financial Mischief

The more money you earn, the more greedy you’re most likely going to get. It happens whether we’re talking about business or not. It’s hard to live within your means when all you seem to be looking for is the next best thing. Which then leads to a lot of big business owners down the dark road that is embezzlement and tax fraud.

So many are doing this now and flying under the radar. But it’s only going to be so long before they’re caught out. There are teams working tirelessly out there to catch businesses doing such a thing, and boy does it hit the media when it does. Take the recent Nissan tax fraud. Nissan is a company that earns millions, with the CEO and managing directors pocketing millions.

So why would they need to take more!? Well, it’s that greed shining through.

A criminal defense team can work night and day to try and fight your case if you were to ever do this, but if you get caught red-handed, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. It will most definitely bring you down, if not your company with it. As a small business, this is definitely something you need to steer clear of.


#2 Poor Takeover

As your business grows and grows, it might often feel like it’s not your business at all. Some of you will experience rapid growth, making it hard to control your business. So you’ll end up hiring managing directors, and then maybe other members of management that will take over your business.

Ultimately you will have the rule, but it’s so easy for these people to influence your business, and if they don’t share the same vision as you, it’s so easy for your company to go downhill. So before you let people in, consider the collaboration it will form, and how it will benefit your business.


#3 The New & Improved

It’s no secret that businesses are popping up all over the world, every single day.

So we’re seeing so many once-booming businesses be pushed back down the ladder by the new and improved. Older companies are far more susceptible to becoming relaxed, rather than being innovative.

So always think about the next best thing, and how that’s going to boost your public appeal! You always need to be in that public eye.

Why do you think businesses fail?  

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