Top 3 Common Trade Show Myths

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Trade shows are these mysterious functions where people from all around the nation gather to mingle with one another and display products and services for others to see.

This event helps businesses and brands to gain exposure and make valuable business relationships that can help to propel their company forward.

There can be a lot that is unknown about these events, especially if it is your first attending or participating in one, and we are here to clear up some of the most common trade show myths.

While trade shows may seem extravagant or maybe not seem pertinent to you, there are many advantages and benefits to trade shows that you may have not realized before.

Myth #1 – They are all exactly the same

Why on earth would you pay money over and over again to go attend the same exact trade show? That’s right, you wouldn’t! Each show has its own unique atmosphere and set of vendors that make each show different.

There are definitely aspects of each show that have similar features in common, especially if they are each showing vendors from the same industry, but even then you will have a unique pool of those in attendance.

There are new people to meet, new trade show displays to behold, and much knowledge and experience to be gained by attending multiple trade shows. By showing up to a trade show with a new strategy every time and not treating them as all the same, you are more likely to reach more people.

Research beforehand who might be there and center your strategy on who will be attending. This will not only help you to have a fresh, new perspective when arriving at a trade show but also prove to you that trade shows are most definitely not exactly the same.

Myth #2 – They are only for big businesses

If this myth was true, there would be hardly any businesses presenting themselves at a trade show! Many trade shows are made up of smaller brands and businesses trying to get bigger and make a heavier impact in their industry against their competitors.

Small businesses find a lot of success because many people who are there are looking to invest already. There are also many investors and businesses who are looking to partner up with smaller businesses to help promote their growth and exposure.

If you are a smaller business and you are worried about standing out, invest in a dramatic trade show display to help boost your exhibit and draw more attention to you and away from other big businesses.

Attending a trade show will only gain your relationships and opportunities to grow to help you become one of the bigger businesses you have been seeing setting up their exhibits at a trade show.

Myth #3 – They will all be virtual soon

There is a time and place for a virtual trade show – but it is definitely no replacement for an in-person connected trade show. A big aspect of a trade show that makes it the most successful is the interpersonal relationships that are gained when you meet with people face to face.

There is a level of trust that goes into meeting with someone in person and cultivating a business and personal relationship with them.

Many potential clients need to physically see or hold what is being offered in order to really go through with it and make an informed decision or purchase. There is so much value that is found in an in-person trade show, which is why virtual trade shows have not taken off and replaced in-person ones.

Sharing experiences and opportunities together proves to be the most beneficial way to hold a trade show.

Debunk the Myths

By attending these events yourself, you will be able to see that these trade show myths are far from the truth. Each one is so different and unique based on those who are going.

Different businesses and vendors offer different things and they add so much variety depending on which ones you attend. Small businesses can benefit just as much as any big business and you can do your best to try to stand out as much as possible.

Virtual shows can never replace the beneficial in-person shows that lead toward meaningful relationships and overall business growth and partnerships. Go see for yourself what makes these trade shows so worthwhile and debunk these myths along the way!

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