6 Benefits of Being an Environmentally-Friendly Business


If you’ve noticed that a lot more businesses are marketing themselves as eco-friendly right now – a trend that has been growing in popularity for the past decade or so – and you’re wondering why they would choose to be environmentally friendly and what the benefits are, you might be surprised to find that there are so many good reasons to run your business in a way that benefits the environment.

Here are just some of the biggest benefits of being an environmentally friendly business:


#1 You Can Live Your Values

Many people who run eco-friendly businesses do so because they are passionate about the environment and they want to be able to live their values in every aspect of their life, including in their work.

It’s much easier to do this when you’re your own boss than when you’re an employee.


#2 It Can Be Cheaper

If you are serious about running an eco-friendly business, and you buy recycled raw materials like the playground amenity company PDPlay does, you can typically get the supplies you need at a better price than you could when buying brand new materials, although it is not always the case so you will have to look into that before buying. This has obvious benefits when it comes to boosting your bottom line.



#3 You Can Save Money

Another way that being an eco-friendly operation can save you money is when you use eco-friendly measures to run your company.

If you use solar panels to generate electricity, you collect rainwater instead of using the stuff that comes out of the tap, and you use reusable cups instead of disposable, for example, that’s a huge chunk of your annual bills being saved and more profit for you.


#4 It’s Good for Business

More and more people are seeing the polar ice caps melting and suffering from the effects of increased pollution, and they are despairing.

They have had enough, and they are increasingly switching to more earth-friendly spending habits. This means that if you market yourself as an environmentally-friendly company and you practice what you preach, you can persuade them to choose you over the competition.


#5 Impress Investors

As well as customers being more environmentally minded, more and more investors are going green too, and that means if you run a truly environmentally-friendly operation, you could find it easier to raise capital when you need it than your competition.



#6 It’s Good for Your Image

Being environmentally conscious, like The Ethical Superstore, is instantly more wholesome than being a company that does not care about the environment, or which even worse is actively spoiling it.

So if you want your company to have a good image and a  unique angle from which to market itself right from the off, plan for the environment and work in harmony with the earth, Chances are it will pay off.


The Bottom Line

Running an environmentally-friendly business is good for business, good for the customers and most importantly of all, good for the earth, If you’re interested in the environment, it is even good for you and  so, even if you don’t want to be go 100 percent eco-friendly, making an effort where you can will be very rewarding.

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  1. I never took into account that being environmentally sustainable could help impress investors, as more and more people are going green. One of my friends is looking to start up his own business, so he may be interested in reading this article. Where can he learn even more about being environmentally friendly and how it can benefit everyone?

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