How to Give your Email Marketing Campaign a Boost With Email Validation


Email has gradually become an essential part of our online activity. As a result, companies of all sizes are gaining momentum by using email for marketing purposes. But sometimes, email marketing programs fail because of poor email hygiene. With the help of an email validation service, you can avoid such situations and ensure your emails are reaching your subscribers.

There are companies which offer email validation services, thereby making things easier for you. They save time and money and have intuitive interfaces, so the process is fast and hassle-free. The result? A clean email list that you can use confidently to give your brand a boost and increase your ROI.


Here are some of the ways through which an email validations service can help you:

Email bounce detection: A good email validation tool will detect email addresses that are bound to bounce. The process involves two steps: syntax checking and assessment of the domain validity. If the syntax is incorrect or the domain does not exist, an email validator will tell you that the email address is invalid and it will bounce.

Spam trap checker: Spam traps are a growing challenge for email marketers. As these addresses look real, but don’t belong to real people, they’re hard to detect. Only an advanced email validation service can look at your list and determine whether some of your contacts are actually spam traps. It’s best to remove them and protect your sender reputation.

Abuse emails checker: Some email users have a habit of marking emails as spam. The problem is that when you have such abuse emails in your list, your deliverability suffers. Internet Service Providers will see you as a spammer, so they’ll deliver your emails to people’s spam folder. Sometimes, depending on the number of spam complaints you get, inbox providers will decide to block you completely. Letting an email validation service weed out abuse emails is the way to go.

Temporary email detection: Who wants temporary email addresses in their marketing lists? No one. As their name suggests, these addresses will only be valid for a short period of time – sometimes just a few minutes. Once they auto destroy, you’re left with an invalid contact, so your email will definitely bounce. Most email validation services are very efficient at detecting temporary emails and removing them from your database.


How to choose an email validation service

Your email hygiene determines a large part of your email marketing results. So, it’s important that you choose a reliable email validation service. Look for a reputable company that guarantees you a certain accuracy and offers all the features you need.

Most email validators offer a free trial, so make the most of that and test the service before you make your final pick. Try two or three different services and compare the results by checking your metrics. Soon enough, you’ll know what the right choice is. So, use these services and protect your reputation by lowering your bounce rate with 98% accuracy guaranteed. It will surely remove all the bad emails from your inbox and enhance your delivery metrics.

Are you using email validation?

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