How To Make Great Use Of A Salvage Yard


A salvage yard is a place you can go to get parts for your vehicle. Vehicles that are at the end of their life can end up in a salvage yard where their parts are then sold. People can save quite a bit of money by buying used parts at a salvage yard compared to what they would pay in a dealership.

Salvage yards are also good for the environment. As parts are recycled they get a lot more use. The parts are kept out of landfills while they get reused in another vehicle or repurposed for some other use altogether.


An example of a salvage yard

Among the salvage yards in Utah, this place serves as a good example of how they operate and what they offer people. People can find parts for both domestic and foreign brands of cars. They also offer people cash for their cars and will buy vehicles whether they’re running or not.

Like other salvage yards, if they don’t have a part in stock for a vehicle, they can access their inventory service. This allows them to locate the part that is needed and then have it shipped to their customer. Since their service has access to more than 40 million parts, they are very likely able to find the part.


Tips to making effective use of a salvage yard

This article at Stumble Forward provides two big tips when it comes to finding parts at a salvage yard. They point out that finding parts is particularly difficult when it comes to rare and old vehicles. Scouring salvage yards becomes a regular thing when you have a rare car and can only find used parts anywhere.

Their first tip is to be prepared before you leave for the salvage yard. You might be able to use a part from a more common type of car than the rare one you have, for example. A lot of vehicle parts are standardized and a car manufacturer will often use the same part in different brands of vehicles. This keeps their costs down and limits how much expensive research they need to conduct.

If you have a friend go with you to the salvage yard to look for parts, it can be useful to give them a photo of your car along with the specific part you are looking for. Also, make sure that you are dress appropriately as when you’re in a salvage yard there can be broken glass, pointy rusted metal, and other hazards.

The second tip involves maintenance. While you’re at the salvage yard looking for a specific part, you should keep your eyes open for other parts you will need to keep your vehicle maintained. This goes double for people with really rare parts. If you see it you need to grab it when you are able to.

It’s a pretty good idea to create a list of parts you know you will need in the coming months for your rare car before you head to the salvage yard. The article points out that many salvage yards charge people by the pound so decide how much you want to spend that day and load up on what you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are having a hard time finding parts for your car, then others with the same car will be having the same problems. You should consider buying parts you know are rare that you don’t need right now. If you find out you don’t need them, you can sell them for a good profit online.


How salvage yards are regulated

Every state has regulations in place when it comes to salvage yards. They want the business to be run in an environmentally-friendly fashion, such as not polluting the ground with oil and gas. An example of this is Vermont’s rules about salvage yards. They have a lot of rules, including the processing of vehicles at salvage yards and how tires are managed, for instance.

Other rules in Vermont include screening off the salvage yard from public viewing. They aren’t the most pleasant places to look at, so salvage yards in that state need to be surrounded by fencing, tree or plants, or other means.

Are you making great use of a salvage yard in your local area?

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