Are You Stumbling with Your Health and Fitness? 5 Ways to Kick-Start It


When you’re running a business, whether you work from premises with staff or work on your own at home, it’s easy to let yourself go in the maelstrom of trying to do everything yourself to keep the ship above water and moving forward. But it’s a mistake. If there’s one thing that’s uber-important when you’re in business, it’s that you — and your health — come first.

After all, if you start getting run down, or even become ill, because you’re leading an unhealthy lifestyle and piling on the pounds, what’s going to happen to your business?

Plus, if you’re a business owner and regularly presenting yourself to the world, in terms of meeting potential new clients; attending seminars, and generally getting out and about to promote your business, you will want to look your absolute best.

Nothing inspires confidence in businesspeople more than those who look great because they take care of themselves — no one wants to do business with a disheveled company executive. If you can’t be bothered to look after yourself, how can you expect others to trust that you care for your business?

Here are five easy ways to kickstart any faltering — or nonexistent — health and business program.

#1 Make Time

It’s the old chestnut, “But I don’t have time to work out,” but it can be especially true in the hectic, hyper-competitive business world where you don’t want to give up your deal-making plans to go for a run or lift weights.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym when simple and quick HIIT workouts can help you get into shape, whatever your choice of sport. And — hey! — if captains of industry and presidents of the biggest superpower on Earth (the United States) have time for daily exercise, you do too.

Your business is not going to fall apart — you will actually be reinforcing it.

#2 Decide What’s Right for You

You may think you have to jog, run or even sprint to shift the pounds and get fit and healthy — because that’s what everyone else seems to be doing.

The truth is that not everyone likes to run — actually very few do: ask around — and many people trundle unhappily through their runs and are relieved when it’s finished, as they don’t really care for it at all.

This is a losing health and fitness strategy, as it means you’re more likely to pack it in and return to an unhealthy and largely sedentary lifestyle. The key is to find something you like doing — try a few things and see how you get on — and stick with what you actually love.

It could be swimming, cycling, kickboxing, yoga, or just a simple walk in the park at lunchtime. Anything that gets you up off your chair and moving is a good thing.

#3 Eat Real Food

It’s also all too easy to get bogged down in the office with all manner of unhealthy, super-processed, sugar-packed foods all around you.

We’re talking pizza, doughnuts, candies, and just about everything that’s not actually food, but is a simple quick fix because you just don’t have time to go to a restaurant or make your own.

Make it a priority to bring real, unprocessed food (that’s avoiding anything that needs ingredients to be called a “food”) in with you, or make it at lunchtime if you work from home — and keep your snout out of the fridge during working hours!

#4 Stop Smoking

These days, nothing says “loser” quite like someone who smokes. Sorry, but that’s the harsh and actual reality. Everyone knows smoking kills — not just up to half its users, but also people in the vicinity.

In the United States, nearly one million people die from secondhand smoke every year, contributing to a horrific total annual death toll from tobacco of around 480,000 people. Plus, smoking stinks and sticks to everything. Not only will stubbing out smoking for good be great for your health, but it’ll also improve your business image.

How to do it, though, if you’re a heavy or even light smoker? Try vaping, which has proven one of the easiest ways to get off tobacco and stay off it — something like a Juul pen is discreet and totally easy to use. Plus vape gear is easily available from a good online vape shop.

#5 Reward Yourself

No one is saying you have to turn into some kind of health and fitness monster in your quest to look and feel great. Keep at your routine for a few days a week and you’ll soon get the results you want. Check out a review by Life Hacker Guy with informative knowledge to help you start creating positive habits to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

However, bear in mind it’s not a quick fix, but a lifestyle — one that needs to be kept up. Then on a Friday or Saturday night, you won’t feel guilty about hitting the town and boozing it up — or having that pizza — because you’re a hard-working, and hard-working-out, businessperson who deserves it!

Are you stumbling with your health and fitness, and what are you doing to kickstart it?

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