5 Tips to Keeping Employees Fit And Healthy In The Workplace


Making sure your employees are feeling fit and healthy at all times is really important for the productivity and growth of the company. Here is how you can contribute towards keeping staff fit and healthy in the workplace.


#1 Promote Healthy Eating

As much as it is tempting to follow fad diets, the likelihood seeing results that last are fairly slim and they can end up being unhealthy for the body.

Encourage healthy eating within the workplace by introducing perhaps a fruit basket once a week or every day if you have the budget to cater for it. When ordering catering for the office, choose healthier options so any leftovers are of a healthy variety, rather than junk food.


#2 Offer Incentives

Enjoying exercise is the key to getting fit and keeping up fitness for the foreseeable future. But for a lot of us, the cost may be the thing that’s putting your staff off.

So as an organization, find other companies that you can’t partner up with to offer discounted membership or free trials at classes. Whether that be a gym or weekly group class outdoors. Giving them a variety of options also means they’ll hopefully find something they likes doing. If you love the activity then it won’t even feel like exercise.


#3 Encourage Proper Breaks

Many of us spend our lunch breaks sat at our desks and for those who do office work, spending too long sat down can be bad for posture but also for overall health. Therefore, it’s good to lead by example and encourage staff to take proper breaks.

If possible, make sure there’s a breakout space for staff to take themselves away from their desks, so that they can fully enjoy their lunch break without distractions. It also gives them the opportunity to reset the batteries and stretch out the legs.


#4 Offer Flexible Working

Flexible working has become very popular amongst businesses now for offering staff more flexibility and the chance to have a more balanced work-life. It saves the business money as it reduces the amount of energy you’re using per day in terms of electricity etc and not only that but it gives staff the opportunity to take a rest day every now and again to recover after a particularly busy few weeks or months.

Encourage your staff to take their annual leave and to make sure that they’re getting plenty of rest and not overdoing it when it comes to working overtime and extra hours.


#5 Reward Staff

Surrounding yourself with those who motivate you to exercise is key to keeping fit and healthy. Like End Zone Athletics, they hire people who encourage others and lift each other up. As a company, it’s important to play your part in the health of your staff and this can be done by rewarding staff who show a commitment to staying fit.

Promoting good health and fitness amongst your staff is going to be helpful for your business as less staff will get sick if they’re looking after themselves. So bring in a few incentives and lead by example when it comes to your own health.

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