How to Reward Your Employees


You probably already know that when it comes to your business, it’s your employees who make things tick.

Without them, it’d just be you and a conveyor belt of temporary workers trying to get things done, which would make everything much more difficult. So there are advantages to keeping your workers happy. They’ll be more productive, be much less likely to leave, and you’ll have a more enjoyable working environment.

But how should you reward them, beyond just praising them for good work? We take a look at a few options below.


#1 More than a Worker

The simplest solutions are usually the best. If you’re treating your employee as simply a worker drone, who’s there to help you make your company better, then there’ll be an upper limit as to how happy they can be.

While it’s probably not advisable that you become friends with your employees, you don’t need to be best pals to show concern for their personal life. Of all the complaints that workers have against their bosses, none are quite as depressing as the one about how they think they’re viewed as simply a machine.

Make sure you get to know them personally, and that you care, too.


#2 Working on Projects

There are two different types of boss. One just assigns their workers tasks and waits for them to be completed.

They treat them like a robot, essentially, and micromanage them so everything goes their own way. The other type of boss realizes that the best thing they can do for their company is to hire the best talent and let them showcase their skills.

Employees love their work if they’re not only asked for their opinion but are then given the resources to bring them to life.


#3 Host a Party

What better way to reward your employees than by simply giving them a night of all-out fun? You can show your appreciation for their efforts by hosting a party that’s all about them. It’s not difficult to do, so you can make it a regular thing!

To get started, all you need to do is set a date, find a venue, and spread the word. You’ll also want to work with a company like Select Catering Services and a drinks supplier, and a DJ too, so that you have everything you need to have a great party.

The only rule is that the company should foot the bill: don’t invite your workers to a party and ask them to cover the costs!


#4 Helping the Community

There’s a lot of good that can come from giving back to the community, and indeed, it’s something that many companies already practice. However, your employees will be more likely to get involved – and feel appreciated – if you’re asking them what community project they should support.

They might have issues that are close to their heart. Each month, ask a different employee if they have any ideas. It’ll show that you care about the issues that they care about!

What are you doing to reward your employees?

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