Automate Your Personal Finance With These 5 Tips


Retirement planning and saving for other future events like post-secondary education and travel requires a strong financial plan and a basic understanding of investing in the stock market.

This can include employer-sponsored retirement accounts or setting up automated investment payments that occur on predictable time intervals.


#1 Employer-Sponsored Retirement Accounts

The most commonly used financial planning options for retirement are those provided by your employer. Employer-sponsored retirement accounts are prepared by your employer and managed by the human relations department.

Employees merely opt into the program and the rest is handled by the company’s chosen investment advisor organization. The stability found in these plans is what makes them very popular, although they should not be the only means for retirement planning.

Even employer-sponsored retirement plans have proven to be risky in some instances. It is always important to use your own strategy in addition to any plan offered by your employer.


#2 Learn About Investing

While it isn’t necessary to become a stockbroker in order to participate in the stock market, it is important to understand how the market works. So how do stocks make money?

First of all, you should spend a little time learning about the different kind of stocks and options available. Be sure you understand what questions you need to ask your financial advisor before committing to any financial investment plan.


#3 Set Up Your Accounts

When you are ready to begin, you need to ensure you have your accounts set up properly for maximum productivity. This includes setting up automated withdrawals from your paycheck before it is taxable.


#4 Automate Your Bill Payments

Why would automated bill payments have anything to do with investing? It is easy to fall behind on your financial obligations and then sabotage your investment portfolio in an attempt to repair the damages.

Once you have everything automated, it removes your hand from the pot and ensures that all of your expenses and investments are taken care of.

Automated withdrawals also help you maintain a level of financial discipline that prevents unnecessary spending that could undermine your investing goals.


#5 Regularly Review Your Investments

It is important to check on your accounts from time to time to see how well they are performing. Occasionally, you may find it necessary to make appropriate changes if you are managing the investment portfolio on your own.

If you have an advisor, they will handle this for you. Be sure to check in with them whenever you feel that your portfolio is underperforming or may require review for optimum performance.

At first, it may seem like a lot of work. However, once your accounts are set up and automated, you will find that your financial world runs like clockwork. It provides peace of mind that you are being responsible for your obligations while also respecting your future goals and plans.

All that remains is to focus on your work and living your best life knowing that you have taken charge of your future in a responsible and organized fashion.

What are you doing to automate your finances?

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