VA Benefits For Asbestos Victims: What It Is And How To Claim

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Veterans who have served through war times have a higher chance of exposure to asbestos. The material was once used in the construction of buildings.

Since during war times, demolition is not uncommon, military personnel may have been exposed to asbestos, especially, if the buildings are decades old.

Asbestos exposure can lead to deadly diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Notably, veterans who have contracted asbestos during their time in service are entitled to VA benefits.


What are VA Benefits for Asbestos Victims?

The Department of Veterans Affairs entitles veterans who have acquired asbestos-related diseases during their service with certain benefits. However, there are certain preconditions to claim for these benefits.

We’ll come to those later in this article.

For now, it would be better to understand what these benefits include.

To be true, there are two types of benefits that veterans are entitled to.

– Healthcare, and

– Compensation



For retired military personnel and veterans, who have ongoing treatments for mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases, can seek healthcare.

The benefits usually include treatment costs, in addition to any medical bills or other therapeutic treatments.



Unlike healthcare benefits, compensation could be paid regular or one-time.

In other words, the veterans who have either passed away due to asbestos-related disease or have a terminal disease, are paid compensation. These usually involve monetary settlements, paid by veteran trusts and funds.


How to Claim for VA Benefits?

As already mentioned, there are certain preconditions to receive VA benefits for asbestos-related diseases. The expert solicitors at Frost Law Firm, PC explain that the claimants should prove that they have contacted asbestos during their service.

In addition to this, they must also have a brilliant service record. Failing to fulfill either of these two conditions can lead to denial of the benefits.

That being said, to file for VA benefits there is some mandatory paperwork as well.


Medical Record Submission

The initial evidence document needed for claiming VA benefits is a medical record. The medical reports or records are only meant to specify the disability.


Service Record Submission

The other document necessary for claiming VA benefits is the service record. Well, it consists of two sub-documents to be specific.

One is the record of conduct, which specifies that the applicant performed their duties rightly.

And, two, the record that specifies areas of service, which would further help establish if the asbestos exposure occurred during service.


Doctor’s Statement or Diagnosis Report

Lastly, the applicant also needs to submit a doctor’s report or statement, or diagnosis report. The report should be able to establish the connection between the disease and the fact that it occurred due to exposure during the service in the military

To specify, there are a myriad of diseases recognized by the VA, including:

– Mesothelioma

– Lung Cancer

– Bronchus Cancer

– Gastrointestinal tract cancer

– Larynx cancer

– Pharynx cancer

– Urogenital cancers (except prostate)

– Asbestosis

– Interstitial pulmonary fibrosis

– Pleural effusion

– Pleural plaques

All the aforementioned diseases receive a 100% disability rating, automatically. Thus, making an applicant eligible for VA benefits.

Asbestos-related diseases are mostly a result of negligence, especially, when the material has been recognized as carcinogenic decades ago.

It is not only important to receive justified compensation for one’s suffering and loss but also to ensure that our future generations do not have to suffer the same.

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