5 Ways To Boost Your Productivity


Despite going into their workday with a long list of to-do’s, many people often find themselves walking away having done less than half of it.  Feelings of frustration and self-doubt can begin to take over as they wonder why they can’t be more productive at work.

Yet despite wanting to be more productive, often people can’t seem to muster up the skills to make it happen.  Increasing your productivity is entirely possible if you just know the right tactics to get started. It’s all a matter of focus and dedication.

When it comes to the best ways to get more work done in a shorter amount of time, here are some of the best ways to make it happen.


#1 Set Timers

Setting realistic timers for yourself throughout the way is a great way to encourage self-discipline. Often we don’t realize how long we’re taking to complete tasks, and a timer can help us to recognize where we can make improvements.

Looking at your watch throughout the day to keep track of whether you’re following through with your timer goals will keep you on your toes.  Being faced with having more accountability for how close you are to completion is a great way to race the clock.


#2 Wake Up Earlier

A lot of people blame lack of time for their unfinished work.  Yet, in reality, often more tasks are possible to take on than we think.  It’s all a question of time management.

Waking up a few hours earlier each day can ensure squeezing in a lot more work.  You could alternatively use these moments for personal time. Going to the gym, for example, is something you could do hours before work so that you can spend the rest of your day finishing your pending tasks.


#3 Create a List

Creating a list of everything you’d like to get done is the best way to stay on top of what you have left.

When you create a list, you have a clear vision of how your day should pan out. As a result, you may be less inclined to doddle or lose focus if you’re looking at the list in the face.


#4 Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can come in many different forms for many different people.  Some people are notorious for being overly social at work and being distracted by side conversations, while others are addicted to social media and their smartphones.

Whatever your vice may be, try putting it out of your site entirely.  You will be less tempted to be distracted if the option isn’t even around.


#5 Reward Yourself

When you’ve finished a big project or done something outstanding at work which was a result of hard work and strong time management, give yourself a treat!

Rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated to continue reaching your goals!

So what are you doing to be more productive?

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