Understanding cancer: 7 Tips to Support Your Loved Ones With Cancer

Many people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes.

A majority of families will endure the heartbreak associated with seeing a loved one battle cancer. As a family member, you might be curious about how you can act as a support person for the cancer patient in your family.

Here are seven tips to support your loved ones with cancer.


#1 Gain Knowledge about the Cancer Battle Your Loved One is Facing

Knowledge is power, so it is essential that you do as much research as possible to learn about the type of cancer that your family member has so that you can help him or she make informed decisions.

As a caregiver, you may often feel stressed or confused in your new roles. You should discuss how you feel with others online or at a support group.

This can assist you in becoming as helpful as possible.


#2 Be Positive and Uplifting

Cancer patients are afraid of dying. You should try to remain optimistic as possible and be an uplifting force to your loved one.

You should avoid focusing on life expectancy statistics and focus on those fantastic stories from cancer survivors. Your loved one has cancer, and they do not want to feel like a burden to everyone around them.

You need to enjoy your time with him or her so that they feel good about themselves.


#3 Build a Team to Help Out

Many cancer patients struggle with performing everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, walking pets, taking care of the children.

One way you can help them is to take the initiative to build a team to help out with these tasks. You can reach out to other family members and friends and build a team and create a monthly schedule so that everything can be completed efficiently.

Many great scheduling applications that can help keep this information organized for you and your team.


#4 Offer to Take Your Loved One to Doctor Appointments

When you have cancer, you often feel alone on an island. People often feel uncomfortable about cancer patients because they do not know what to say or how to act.

You should offer to take your loved one to the medical appointments that they have. Sometimes cancer patients refuse help from family members or friends.

They do not want people to think that they can no longer take care of themselves. If you’re facing this situation, then you need to tell your loved one that everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. This is nothing to be ashamed.


#5 Find Enjoyable Activities to Do Together

Cancer patients typically feel like the diagnosis defines who they are. You want to take them to a positive place mentally so that they can relax and enjoy life.

Private radiation therapy can be hard on a cancer patient’s body. One way to help your loved one cope with the health-related changes that they are facing is to find enjoyable activities to do together.

For example, play board games, paint pictures, go for walks on the beach, watch movies or listen to music.


#6 Stay Connected

You should be transparent & open communicating with your family member. You can do this by sending e-mails, text messages or speaking on the phone.

Cancer Patients often are unable to work and spend many hours in bed or seeking medical care. By staying connected, you can help put a smile on their face.


#7 Use Laughter as a Medicine

Cancer is a grave subject. Your loved one will be around many medical professionals that act solemn around them.

It would be best if you told jokes, share funny videos and memes so that the person feels at ease and can enjoy some fun times and forget that they are seriously ill.

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