3 Property Investment Trends For 2018


When you’re trying to make as much money as possible from your property investments, then it pays to be aware of certain trends in the market.

It’s understandable that many of you may be new to the property game, and so don’t know what these trends are. In fact, even the most accomplished of investors could be unaware of them!

Regardless, here are some of the key investment trends to be aware of in the property market this year:


#1 Short-Term Rentals Are The Market Leader

Typically speaking, making money from rental properties has always been a very effective way of gaining a huge return on your investment.

In the past, the idea was simply to invest in residential property that someone would rent for a fairly long period. If anything, you wanted a tenant that would stay there for as long as can be. Nowadays, the focus has shifted to short-term rentals.

With the rise in popularity of sites like Airbnb, more people are looking to rent apartments or homes for as little as a couple of days. This presents investors with a great money-making opportunity as you now open your property up to a wider market.

People from all over the world could pay to stay there, and you can usually get away with charging higher rates than you would for a long-term rental.


#2 Community Spaces Are Becoming Popular

This year has seen a rise in the popularity of community-driven properties. This applies to residential properties that are built into a community. Invest in real estate like this, and you will start to see a good return.

Why? Because more and more people are looking to move into community-driven areas. They like the idea of moving into a condo complex as they get lots of amenities with their property.

Community living is a lot safer than living on your own, so the demand for these properties has increased. As an investor, you have a great opportunity for some rental income, as well as property flipping.  


#3 Small Trumps Large

If you’re looking to invest in residential property, then you have lots of different options at your disposal. There are big houses, and there are little houses.

But, it may surprise you to know that smaller properties are now where all the money is. If you invest in a small house, you cater to a growing market of home seekers.

A lot of people are looking for small properties in prime locations, purely to live on their own close to where they work. This means that, if you’re going down the traditional route of buying and selling a property, then smaller residences are where most of the profits lie.

Keep an eye on these three trends if you’re keen to earn big returns on your property investments. Making money is all about being aware of what’s currently popular on the market. Don’t waste time catering to old trends, these three are where you’ll find the big bucks this year, and beyond.

What property trends have you noticed for 2018?

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