How To Know When You Need That ‘Home Size Upgrade’


It’s important to know when to either move out of your property or extend the current place you are living in. However, in the interest of frugality, it can be tempting to put this decision off.

Sometimes, you just need a sign. Sometimes, you need to exercise wisdom.

This list will help you determine if you’re simply looking for a redecoration, or if size is truly the issue, and you should consider moving to fresh locales.


You Complain About Storage

If you often find yourself complaining about the storage capacity of your home, this might be a strong sign that you need to move.

It could be that a new family addition was more taxing on space than you originally assumed, or simply that you haven’t the space for a new home hobby or endeavor.

Moving on when this is the case is a good idea, as being cramped is not only harmful to your overall satisfaction, but it can present a pretty tricky fire hazard.


Property Values Are Up

Sometimes, it can be well worth it to sell while the iron is hot. This might mean that a size upgrade in the next property is paid for already.

If time is of the essence, many house acquisition firms will buy your house in a matter of weeks, and this can help you plan the next stage of your life with increased rapidity.

If property values are up, you may even be able to take time off work or focus on something more important to you with your money to back that up. Continually keep an eye on the property values around your area.

Chances are you might make more money than you think.


A Little One On The Way

It can be important to completely cement your family home when you are expecting. This means ensuring when the little one is born; everything has been taken care of.

A newborn makes it almost impossible to travel a long distance, and especially into a home that you aren’t settled in. Of course, babies are relatively space friendly for a time, but as they grow you can be sure that their requirements will stack up.

However, a baby does come with somewhat of space and storage cost, as you need arguably more equipment to house them than at any other time in their life.



It can be that a home is relatively in a state of disrepair or needs your attention and investment to get back up to speed.

If you’re teetering on the edge of selling in the first place, sometimes this can spur on a decision to sell or to improve and sell at a higher cost.

Sometimes the refreshed palette of a home can get a much higher selling cost, so investing and selling here could be the best time to do this.

Also, in the process of doing this, you can make connections and plans to improve the home you move to, as home planning will be at the forefront of your mind.

With these tips, your home upgrade is likely to come at the opportune time.

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