So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?


You’ve seen and read and heard all the success stories of people going into business for themselves and making it big. Now, you want to rub shoulders with these groundbreakings, innovating entrepreneurs and get into the game yourself.

But what kind of industry is right for you? Technology seems to be the place to be right now as we move further and further into the digital age and we are relying on tech more than ever before. Typically, people will follow their passions or what they know.

Bankers, biomechanics, doctors, and farmers have all replaced the office for the laboratory looking for innovative ways to shape the way we live.



Financial technology is booming. We are moving closer towards a cashless society, and companies are looking for new ways to help us pay and be paid every day. Those going into the fintech sector can work with the developing of making blockchain and cryptocurrency technology more available for as many as possible and is already being used as a way to combat counterfeit and currency duplication.

Furthermore, there is the development of an algorithmic trading platform which will streamline, optimise, and aid in the strategy development of your business should you choose to adopt it. Fintech is something that will penetrate every industry as time goes by, and so there is a massive amount of potential those looking to invest or build a business within this promising sector.



Agricultural technology is the practice of revolutionizing the way that farmers harvest their crops and develop new technologies for producing our food. For too long we have relied on people damaging their backs picking through fields and washing, cleaning, and preparing what we eat every day.

But no more. Developments in robotics and artificial intelligence are streamlining the industry to produce more food at a faster rate, as well as looking into solutions to let nothing go to waste. In addition to this, there is work into GMOs and solutions towards keeping our food as fresh as possible during transit.



We all need medical assistance from time to time. We get ill; we suffer injury, sometimes we need to undergo dangerous operations. However, the idea of the bionic human is not so far away, with advances in prosthetics and implants to improve our hearing, breathing, and other medical problems.

Getting into MedTech will allow you to work on the most innovative solutions for ensuring we all live happy and healthy lives. Nanotechnology for safer, less intrusive surgeries is among the sorts of things that are being developed every day, to ensure this is no longer a dream of the future.



The world of education is changing. No longer are our students required to sit behind a desk eight hours a day getting lecture after lecture. Instead, startups, governments, and companies are revolutionizing the education sector through identifying different ways in which we can learn.

These solutions range from Skype classes, reaching those in the farthest reaches of the planet to teach them English, Math, and Science. Additionally, classrooms closer to home are helping kids get to grips with the tech they use every day and introducing them to the world that their children will be learning in.



Saving the planet is something that is talked about constantly. The likes of Tesla, with its electric cars, have begun the push towards a more efficient solution to getting around every day, and this trend will only continue.

It isn’t just our vehicles that are embracing the future. Our homes, offices and everything else is being analyzed to identify where we can further improve our dedication to a healthier world. This includes looking at better recycling solutions of plastic bottles and reusable energy to further push towards a more sustainable environment.



It is really all dependant on what you want. Companies such as Facebook, Netflix, and Uber have found their niche in their respective markets, and your goal is no doubt to follow their trends and disrupt your chosen industry like never before.

Furthermore, the number of startup incubators and accelerators that will aid with funding, advice, and tweaking business models for the broadest success means that any new startup has the potential for growth no matter where they are in the world.

Competitions in all of these industries, and those not mentioned take place all over the world each month. These competitions are filled with experts that can provide you with priceless networking connections as well as the chance to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Whatever it is, being passionate and knowledgeable about where you choose to plant your innovative seeds is imperative, so get out there and change the world.

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