10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett (Infographic)

Warren Buffett is probably one of the smartest financial minds of our times.  In fact he recently acquired Heinz Ketchup for $28 billion dollars.  With that said he’s obviously made some wise financial choices and as a result is the third richest man in the world.

On top of  that he is the founder of one of the most popular financial companies, Berkshire Hathaway, which was founded in 1955 and currently ranks 8th on the Global top 2000 businesses out there.  To be honest their are not many if any people that secede him in wealth and success.   So I thought I would start Monday off with a bang and share the 10 financial lessons we can learn from Warren Buffett.

So check it out below and let me know what you think.

10 Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Warren Buffett
Source: Best Finance Schools

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  1. Good infographic! There’s certainly a lot that can be taken from Buffett in terms of investing and spending your money. My favorites are probably #4, 5 & 10, though all of them are ones I try to emulate.

  2. No problem Laurie, I would have to say when it comes to financial hero’s Warren Buffett and Donald Trump rank first on my list. They are the true capitalist in my mind.

  3. I agree John, overcoming the fear of risk, looking at your long term goals, and searching for bargains when it comes to your investments can build some great wealth. I know people who don’t like to invest their money because they don’t want to loose their money in the market but what they fail to realize is they could be earning so much more especially at a younger age. While the markets may be volatile it’s important to step out of your comfort zone and take that chance, otherwise you may never come see what true potential you could have.

  4. Be smart and think with yoru head, not your emotions! Right on, Buffett 🙂

    People definitely freak out when stocks drop, and I always think, “buy buy buy!” haha, that’s the way to do it.

  5. I posted this infographic because I think he is a very wise man. He works hard and has made the right decisions. I would love to have lunch with him one day, but I know that people pay big money to do that.

  6. Well said TB, when the market takes a dive that’s best time to find deals. I’ve also heard when the markets are down it’s also the best time expand your business as well because the cost of a lot of goods and services drop so contractors and builders will do nearly anything to get your business.

  7. That would be awesome to have lunch with Warren Buffett. The problem is I wouldn’t even be on the same wave length as him. I wouldn’t even know what to ask the guy, but I’d take up the opportunity if I ever got it.

  8. Yeah I wish I would have done that. Investing in my earlier years would have earned me huge returns over time. Thanks for the comment Mr. CBB.

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