Wayne Homes Review – 8 Reasons I Chose Them

Well we are into the 7th and final part to this series and in this article I’m going to finish up with a review of the builder who I used to build my house, Wayne Homes.  As part of my Wayne Homes Review I’m going to cover the 8 reasons I chose this company to build my house.

Wayne Homes definitely deserves a lot of credit for the job they did with my house, and if you’ve been following my series on building a new house you may have noticed some of the great things I liked about the building process.  In fact Wayne Homes has been building houses for 40 years and won the National Housing Quality Award in 2010 and now again in 2013 for the outstanding quality they give to their customers, and I totally have to agree.  I’ve never come across a builder quite like this one.

So before you consider another builder here are the reasons I chose Wayne Homes.

The Website

The first thing I like was the website.  After being referred by my brother to check out Wayne Homes the first thing I did was check out their website to learn more.  One thing that amazed me about their site was how much detail they covered on the house plans, in fact I could even see how much the basic cost would be.

On top of that I could even customize floor plans, do a virtual tour, see how their process works, and even talk to a live person via a chat session.  In fact this is exactly what I did when I was getting started.

Wayne Homes CumberlandGreat Floor Plans

The second thing that I liked so much about this company was the fact that they had so many floor plans to choose from.  One of our big stipulations up front was that we wanted four bedrooms in the house with three of them upstairs and the master bedroom downstairs.  The great part about Wayne Homes was that they took a lot of the design work out of  the house for us.

For example we chose the Cumberland house design through Wayne Homes and it had almost everything we were looking for.  On top of that we could customize it literally any way we wanted, and still the house we wanted.


The second thing I found so great about building with Wayne Homes was how fast they moved.  From the day they started till the day they finished it took only three months for them to finish my house.  That’s moving.  I compared a few other houses in my area that started at the same time and all of them are still not even close to being done.

What made the process go so much faster is the fact that they had a well defined system in place along with individual crews hired to complete each task.  For example, one crew would take care of the cement work, while another crew would frame the house, another crew would hang the drywall, speeding up the entire process.  So if you don’t want your house to take 6 months to build Wayne Homes is the place to go.

Price Friendly

Probably the biggest stipulation with building that I had was the cost to build and Wayne Homes came through in fine fashion with us.  We had a budget and they worked with us keep to it and not go over.  In fact, Wayne Homes even gave us a $14,000 discount, which I will have to say if it weren’t for that discount we probably would not have been able to build.

On top that they also had a price for everything, and not just a round about number but an exact price.  I remember when we were going through the design process and we decided to add an extra 6 feet on to the garage and they had a price for me right away.  Finally, once my plans were finalized they even gave us a binder that broke down every singe cost involved and told us everything we were going to get so their would be no surprises.


Fourth on my list is the Warranties they give you.  When you’re building a new house one of my concerns was what do I do I have problems with the foundation, or the roof, or the siding.  Is the builder going to stand by their work and fix it or are they going to say tough luck.

The great part about Wayne Homes is that they have a 10 year structural warranty  and a 2 year fit and finish warranty.  So if I do have problems with my house all I have to do is give them a call and it’s going to get taken care of.

Easy To Work With

Another thing I found very helpful during the building process was the fact that they were so easy to work with.  From the lot manager to the sales reps at there Bowling Green Office they made the process so easy for me.  If I had a question or an issue with something they were always their to help me out.

I remember in one case were I was having trouble getting the gas company to come out to install the natural gas lines and my lot manager ( Teric ) called them for me.  Whenever I had a problem all I had to do was just give him a call and in some case text him and their were no questions asked, he took care of it.  Looking back on that I don’t know how I could have got things done without his help.

Open Houses

One thing I know  I was curios about was the quality of the houses they built.  One thing I noticed about a lot of builders was the fact that their is no way to see the quality of their work.  However with Wayne Homes they do open houses which allowed me check out a house while it was in the building process, to see exactly what goes into building a house.

On top of that they also had three show models located at there Bowling Green location, which also made it nice to see the kind of craftsmanship was going into these houses, and it was amazing.

Kept Things Clean

One thing that I didn’t realize they did was clean the house.  Once everything is done they actually have a group of cleaners come in and clean almost everything from the carpet, to washing the windows.  I have yet to meet another builder who does this and puts this level of effort into their houses.

On top of that while they are building the house each crew that comes in cleans up the mess they made before they leave.   In fact Wayne Homes brings in a large dumpster to throw all the scrap and junk into.

Easy To Follow Process

Finally, the last reason I chose Wayne Homes is because they have a very simple process they follow.  In fact, when you’re first getting started Wayne Homes gives you a complete binder that covers ever last step you have to go through, so your’e never left guessing what’s going on next.

This also goes with the payment process as well.  Once the construction loan was closed we only had to make 5 installment payments while they were building the house.  In fact, they would even send me a notification when the next payment was due and how much it was going to be. In the end this took a lot of the guess work out of the process and made my life a lot simpler.

wayne_homes_locationsGetting Started…

As I wrap up my review on Wayne Homes you might be wonder if this is still for you, and where do I get started.  So here is a small list of steps to help you out.

  • Check Out The Website.  First off, check out their website and start picking out plans that you like.  Call or chat with them and ask any questions that you might have.  
  • Stop In.  Second, schedule an appointment with them to see a model center.  This is the best way to see what kind of craftsmanship they put into their homes.
  • Put A Plan Together.  Finally, while your their have them put a plan together for you.  On top of that you can also have them price things out and see what kind of cost will be involved.

Wayne Homes is located and has several Model Centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, and West Virginia.  To learn more you check out a list of their locations here.

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  1. Wow, Chris! Sounds like you’ve got a great builder there! Customer service doesn’t come much like that these days. Thanks for sharing – it’s great to hear a success story like this one!

  2. Thanks Laurie. It’s great to have a good builder on your side. I’ve heard a few building horror stories from other friends who went through other local builders and it makes me feel good to know I have someone who will stand behind their work.

  3. Now that you have lived in the home for a few months, is there anything you wish was different? Any problems?

    I have read good and bad regarding Wayne Homes, as well as other modular builders. A lot of it seems to come down to warranty issues. And probably the customer..

    Did you by chance get to talk to anyone else who used Wayne? The warranty part is scary. Our first meeting with them is Friday.


  4. Hi Alyssa, I think their is always a few things we’d like to change after the fact but didn’t realize when we were building our house, but this is not to say it’s specifically the contractors fault. A few things I would consider is a bigger garage, bigger garage doors, and maybe even a dual thermostat if you are going to have a second story to your house. One other thing I would consider is plastering your walls instead of just plan drywall. I find doing just drywall tends to mark up your walls faster and plaster will look better in the end. However all of these choices are completely up to you. In fact I wrote an article a while back that talked about several upgrades to consider before you build. You check that out here: https://stumbleforward.com/2013/02/13/10-new-home-upgrades-to-consider-before-you-build/

    As for the warranty process it’s been very smooth. We actually have called them a few times about minor things and they were happy to come out and repair them. That’s pretty good considering most of their subcontractors live around 2 hours away from me. What’s great about this is that you get a 2 year fit and finish warranty and a 10 structural warranty which has definitely given us some great peace of mind to know that if we have any issues they will be there to help us.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Now that you have been in your home for a few years, any issue or concerns now? We are looking at several builder and are thinking of checking Wayne out as well

  6. This is truly the worst company I have ever encountered. quality of work is poor at best and that is being generous. They have no idea what the golden rule is and only care about one thing and that is getting their money. built a very expensive house and had so many issues that it would take a book to document them all. Do not hire this company to build your home or you will be rolling the dice.

  7. Ellan could you elaborate? I just sat here and read a handful of heartwarming Wayne Home reviews and then I see “the worst company” label.

  8. My mother moved in with me recently and my house was too small for two people, each wanting their own space. We signed with Wayne last week and so far the process has been totally painless. Before signing on that dotted line I asked my Facebook friends who’ve built with Wayne asking their opinions. I received great feedback and the only negative thing was to make sure I understood what they were doing and what I needed to do so there wouldn’t be any surprises.

    We are working with the Ashland Home center and so far couldn’t be happier with the time they’ve spent with us. The hard part now is we won’t break ground until April 2018.

  9. I built a Wayne home last year after reading all the reviews, both good and bad. I am happy with my home, but extremely unhappy with the warranty process as they don’t follow up or come through. I have been calling for MONTHS about a window that leaks water and is causing damage inside my home and they keep telling me how sorry they are to hear this and someone will be in touch in a couple of days. Guess what, another month has gone by and nothing. After blowing a gasket a few months ago and threatening to show up at the main office, the regional building manager called and showed up to go over everything and assured me he would be back in touch, that was in February and has not followed through and gotten back with me. My overhead garage door has fallen off the track twice this winter, once I had to have a company come out and reinstall it since they couldn’t get someone out for a couple of days. The door leaks water and wind so bad, during the winter months it has actually frozen shut and I have been unable to get the door open for days. Regional building manager was supposed to get in touch with the company and get us an upgraded door but again, no response. For the amount of money I have spent on a “Custom Built home” and $40,000 in upgrades, nobody seems to care about their customers after the sale is done. my house is situated on 6.5 acres is ready to be developed into 5 additional build lots with two of these lots belonging to my daughters for their homes. I do like my Wayne home but definitely time to check out other builders.
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  10. I know exactly what you’re dealing with Chuck. Thankfully I didn’t have any leaking windows but my brother built through them as well and had an issue with his sliding door on the back side of his house leaking and called several times to get it fixed and they never did anything about it. Finally, he just call a local door and window place and had a new one put in.

    Honestly, I feel like every contractor has their issues and if I had to do it over again there are things I would definitly change. Thanks for sharing Chuck.

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