Meet Douglas Ebenstein: The Property Developer

Douglas Ebenstein, a prominent figure in both the real estate and property development industries, has a significant impact on both of these spheres because of his extensive involvement in both of these vocations.

One of the numerous companies that Mr. Ebenstein owns and operates, including Capital Commercial Properties and Eden Center Inc., oversees preserving one of the most prosperous Asian retail malls on the East Coast. This responsibility falls within the purview of Eden Center Inc. Eden Center Inc. is the entity that is responsible for fulfilling this obligation.

This fantastic company is well-known for a number of reasons, one of which is that it has developed into one of the most significant cultural, educational, and intellectual centers in the world. This is just one of the many reasons why you should know about Douglas Ebenstein and why this amazing business is so well-known.

In addition, this structure is home to something in the neighborhood of a hundred different companies, around twenty-four of which are well-known restaurants that focus specifically on Vietnamese food. It is only right that both the Eden Center and Capital Commercial Properties be acknowledged for the remarkable accomplishments they have accomplished by gaining distinctions such as the following:

This retail center was selected as the “Best Shopping Center” in the year 2014 by the readers of the Washington City Paper as their top pick for the category.

The Washington City Paper voted it the “Best Shopping Center” in 2015, and the city of Falls Church, Virginia, voted it the “Most Improved Commercial Property” in 1997. Both of these awards were given to the same establishment. The institution has been recognized with both of these accolades during the course of the last twenty years.

Douglas Ebenstein is always on the lookout for new opportunities in real estate and property development, much in the same way that the owners of a large number of other successful firms do.

The growth of all of Doug’s businesses throughout the course of his whole life is the fundamental target that Doug has set for himself. As a direct result of this, a large portion of his time and effort is focused on the process of accumulating real estate assets in locations that are anticipated to appreciate in value over the course of time. This method is quite essential in the real estate market since there are a great number of variables that might have an effect on the values of properties.

Mr. Ebenstein’s unwavering commitment to this strategy, which he has maintained throughout the years, is directly responsible for the long-term success of each and every business that he manages and directs.

Retail And Shopping Locations

Doug is accountable for the management of retail leases and shopping complexes located all throughout the nation. Some examples of shopping malls that can be found in the following locations include the Belair Plaza in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; the Sullivan Place Retail in Alexandria, Virginia; and the Stoney Mill Square in Silver Spring, Maryland; these malls are all located in the following states and cities: Pennsylvania; Virginia; Maryland; and Silver Spring, Maryland;

The Hillandale Shopping Center may be found there, in that area, in the city of Silver Spring, Maryland. The Timonium Town Square ( in America) is a public gathering place that can be found in the city of Timonium, which is located in the state of Maryland. It is possible to find the Hillandale Shopping Center there, which is beneficial to the local community of Silver Spring, Maryland.

In the event that Doug maintains this rate of progress, there is very little doubt that his professional future will be one that is worthy of anticipation. Because he is a devoted individual, he does not rest on his laurels but rather works toward the goal of making as many people’s lives as possible better.

The extent to which a man is involved in the community in which he lives and in charity activities may give some insight into the way he thinks and feels about other people. To begin, the following is some background information regarding Douglas “Doug” Ebenstein, who resides in the state of Florida:

Capital Commercial Properties, Inc. is a company that specializes in housing and mortgage development. It was created by Douglas “Doug” Ebenstein, who also acts as the company’s president. Capital Commercial Properties, Inc. has its headquarters in Florida.

In addition to that, he is an attorney who works for the corporation in the department that deals with legal matters. These are only two of the many businesses that he is now responsible for managing, but he now owns and manages a significant number of other businesses in addition to these two.

In 1961, Norman Ebenstein laid the groundwork for what would become Capital Commercial Buildings, Inc. Since the company’s founding, it has been accountable for the construction of a broad variety of commercial properties, retail malls, and multi-family housing complexes all throughout the United States of America.

Despite this, the bulk of the company’s attention is now being directed to the areas in the District of Columbia, the states of Maryland and Virginia, and the Commonwealth of the District of Columbia.

After his father passed away in 2016, Doug took over as President of the property management firm that was owned by his family. Click here to learn more about property management firms.

Doug had previously served as Vice President. His kid has had to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in order to live up to the high expectations that were instilled in him from a young age by his tirelessly working father.


It is quite possible that a significant number of younger individuals who are considering a career in the area of real estate would look up to Mr. Douglas Ebenstein as a model to follow in their own lives.

As a result of the fact that he serves as a model for real estate enterprises of all levels of expertise, he is a motivational source for a great number of individuals.

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