Twitter Scams: How I Almost Got Hacked And Spotted The Fake

Hey everyone thought I would drop a quick post out today about how I almost got hit by a terrible twitter scam.  In fact I was so close to falling for this scam that all I had to basically do was hit enter on my keyboard and @stumbleforward would have been lost forever.

How This Twitter Scam Works

It all started when I received a direct message from a particular individual I was following that mentioned that some people were spreading some horrible rumors about me on the  web and left a shortened URL for me to click on.  Below is what the message looked like.

At this point I began to get very worried that someone was spreading some awful rumors about me on the net so my first instinct was to click on the link, and that’s exactly what I did falling right into their trap.  From their a page popped up that looks like the picture below.

At this point the page to me looked very normal except that they wanted me to believe that I had to log back into my twitter account again because it had timed out.  To tell you the truth everything seemed perfectly normal at this point in fact I was more worried about the fact that someone was putting rumors about me on the net.

So you might be wondering how I figured out this was a scam.

How To Spot Twitter Scams

The first thing you need to do to spot a twitter scam is to look at the URL.  Below is what the scam page URL looked like when it was loaded up.

In the URL section of your internet browser the first part of the URL should always say  On the fake site it was  Now I’ll have to admit that it was hard to spot but this is how I knew this site was an instant scam.  On top of that the real twitter site uses an https:// at the front of their URL to identify that it is a secure log in site.  On the fake site it didn’t have that at all.

 Have You Been Hit By A Twitter Scam?

Well their you have it, if I can nearly get hit by a twitter scam, so can you.  In fact, this scam isn’t happening just on twitter but also on Facebook, Paypal, and how many other prominent sites across the net.  So if you would like to learn about these scams check out these articles.

If you’ve been hit by a twitter scam feel free to share your story about the situation.  Also feel free to share also feel free to share any other tips, thoughts, and comments below as well.  In the end by doing this it will help us all avoid these scams altogether.

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