What’s Putting You At Risk Of Identity Theft (Infographic)

Do you know what’s putting you at risk of identity theft?  The real truth is that we can’t prevent all incidents of identity theft but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to prevent it though.  I recently came across an interesting infographic the other day and thought it covered some very interesting points when it comes to putting your identity at risk.

Once you’re done reading the info graphic feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article and tell us if you’ve made any of these identity theft mistakes below, and the end of the infographic I will share which one I’ve made as well.

The Stupidest Things You're Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk
Image source: www.top-criminal-justice-schools.net

To fuel the fire one of my biggest identity theft mistakes was leaving my wifi unlocked.  In fact, I did this for years which left me vulnerable to anyone who wanted to pull up in front of my house and start using my internet   On top of that they could even hack my computer and steel all the info off it as well.

So which of these mistakes have you made?  Share your comment below.

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  1. Oh god. I am really shocked about the free wifi thing. I am not aware about that.
    There are actually times that I am checking my account on a cafe, didn’t realized it can risk my money.
    Thanks for this infographic, seriously, I appreciate this thing man.
    This is worth pinning too.

  2. I’m glad you liked the article Lea. What’s even worse is that I lived right next to a bar where people could have easily accessed my wifi and done whatever they wanted. Luckily, for me nothing ever happened though, but it taught me a very valuable lesson and I locked my wifi up tighter than Fort Knox. Thanks for the comment, and I will defiantly pin it as well.

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