The AARP $15,000 Life Insurance Policy: Why You Will Need Life Insurance

When you think of your golden years a lot of times you think of retirement, taking that big vacation and getting a lot of rest and relaxation.  However a lot of times one thing we don’t thing a lot about it buying life insurance.  The reason for this is that we believe that we don’t have an insurable need anymore but in reality you may still want it.  Here are a few reasons why.

  • Funeral Expenses. Funerals just are not getting any cheaper these days in fact most funerals once you’ve considered the casket, to the grave stone your looking at a $10,000 minimum alone.
  • Debt. If you still have a lot of debt like credit cards, car loans, or even a mortgage payment you will defiantly want to protect your survivors from a certain financial disaster.
  • Survivors. If you have a spouse or family member that you still need to support you will want to have life insurance for them.

The Good News

Now that we know that life insurance is going to be a necessity no matter what you may be thinking where am I going to get a policy at my age.  In fact you may have a declining health with an impaired risk like high blood pressure and on top of that being older in age life insurance for the elderly could be hard to get.

The solution is the AARP $15,000 life insurance policy.  This is also known as a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy that give you up to $15,000 worth of life insurance coverage no matter what.

In fact you don’t even have to answer any medical questions, you don’t have to do any blood draws, you don’t even need to take a physical.  So even if you have a health condition holding you back you can still get the coverage you need.  Here are a few other reasons to get this policy.

  • Your Covered For Life.  Once you sign up you’re covered for life on this program.  This means as long as you make the premium payments you’ll always have the coverage you need and it won’t expire just because you get older.
  • Paid Up At 95.  At age 95 you will no longer owe for a premium on the policy but you will still get to keep the coverage.
  • Payments Are Locked in.  Once your signed up for the policy your payments will always stay the same. They won’t increase just because your older or your medical condition get worse.
  • Guaranteed 30 Return Policy. Finally, if you don’t like the policy within the first 30 days you cancel it and get your money back.

Finally, to learn more about these products you can go to the New York Life website and learn more about the option and even get a free quote as to how much things will cost for you.

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