Fighting for What You Deserve: 4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Switch to Another Commercial Auto Insurance


Business owners recognize the importance of car insurance if one or more employees drive on behalf of the organization.

However, this is the type of policy that many owners purchase and then forget until it is needed. Doing so could be a mistake.

Certain things suggest a new carrier should be selected, and the following are four signs that it is time to shop for new coverage.


#1 Denial of a Claim

Insurance companies operate to make money. When a customer files a claim, the insurance company tries to pay out the least amount possible to protect its bottom line.

If an insurance company is denying a claim or possibly drawing it out in the hopes the customer will simply give up and pay the bill, it’s time to begin looking for a new carrier.

This is a known tactic of insurance carriers, and many drivers don’t realize they can switch companies mid claim. Speak to an insurance agent to learn how to go about making the switch while a claim is active.

Companies can learn more at about how this works and what needs to be done at this time.


#2 Accident Forgiveness

Certain companies now offer accident forgiveness programs, allowing the business to have one or more accidents without affecting the rates. There may be an additional premium for this type of coverage.

However, if a company does not offer this option with or without an additional fee, it may be time to consider changing carriers. Any company with a good driving record and no accident claims should look into this option.

Humans make errors and accidents occur, and a company might find they save a great deal of money by making use of this coverage. It is worth looking into, even if a company decides they don’t want or need the coverage at this time.


#3 Savings

Business owners need to compare car insurance rates regularly to see if they can get a better deal. Doing so is a great way to save money, but this isn’t the only reason why a company should take this step.

New programs are constantly being offered by insurance carriers, and a business might find they pay the same rate they were paying with their former company but get more coverage when doing so.

Furthermore, insurance companies may penalize long-term customers through a process known as price optimization.


#4 A Significant Rise in Rates

Price optimization is something insurance companies benefit from without drivers being aware they are doing so. This is nothing more than raising the prices on customers who have been with the company for a period of time with no accidents.

The insurance carrier counts on the fact that many drivers don’t shop around for new coverage and raises the rates hoping the customer will simply continue to pay them. This practice is more common than many realize, and drivers who are affected tend to be those who don’t shop around for a better deal.

If a company suspects they are the victim of price optimization, it’s time to look for a new carrier.

Don’t stay with an insurance company just because it is easier to do so. Take the time to shop around for new coverage regularly, possibly once a year.

Companies that take this step may find they are able to save money or get better coverage without paying more. Pay attention to what is happening in the industry so you get the best coverage possible at all times. Thanks to the internet, comparing policies has never been easier.

Are you switch your commercial auto insurance?

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