Where To Get Life Insurance For Diabetics

Back several years ago while working in financial services a client of mine was interested in some life insurance however when I sat down with them she had obvious  doubts that she could even qualify because she had diabetes.  However what she didn’t know was that she still could, and in this article I’m going to show you what it takes to qualify and where to get the coverage you need.

Do You Qualify

When it comes to having diabetes their will be certain things insurance underwriters will look for in order to qualify you for a policy.  These things can be the difference between great coverage to getting nothing at all.  Here is a list of a few things to consider.

  • What type of diabetes do you have? Type 1 diabetes is typically found in children and young adults, because they can’t produce insulin and as a result will have to take regular insulin shots.  Type 2 is an adult diabetes.  With type 2 adults may be able to produce some insulin but not enough usually or worse your body may be rejecting it altogether.  Type 2 is usually easier to qualify for diabetic life insurance however their are other factors involved.
  • Age. Age plays a very important part in qualification but also cost.  People who are older and come down with diabetes late in life stand a better chance of getting coverage.  However the younger you are when you end up with diabetes means you will stand less of a chance qualifying.
  • Control. Control is also another big part of the puzzle.  When you first apply for a life insurance policy as a diabetic the underwriter will want to do a full review of your medical history to see how much control you have over your diabetes.  They will want to know things like how often you’re testing your blood sugar levels?  Are you following your doctors orders and going to regular medical check ups? Are you eating right and exercising?  These things are very important in fact I once had a client who couldn’t qualify because of these reasons.  However if you do fall into this situation their is still time to change.

Now if you can’t qualify because of some of the reasons above it doesn’t mean your entirely out of the running to qualify.  Doing things like watching what you eat and regular exercise can go a long way.  In fact I have an aunt who has diabetes and I would have never known she had it unless told me.  This just proves it’s possible to have diabetes and keep it under control.

Where To Get Life Insurance For Diabetics

So what is the best life insurance for diabetics you might be wondering?  The problem is their is no one company that is  the solution for diabetes and that makes this more complicated because you could spend months if not years searching for a company that could except you however their is another alternative, Life Insurance Advisors.

Life Insurance Advisors is not an insurance company but instead a broker who works with many different companies who will shop all the best companies around and find you the best term life insurance for diabetics.

The benefit to this is that they know the companies who will work best with you situation.  Going this route versus shopping all the companies yourself can save you a ton of time and will end up finding you the most affordable life insurance for diabetics.

Life Insurance Advisors also knows what it takes for someone who has diabetes to qualify.  They’ve worked with tons of clients with these conditions and can tell you what it takes, so don’t wait get started know.

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  1. Life insurance for diabetics is not cured merely by sending people to a quote engine for regular, healthy folks. This gives the false hope that diabetics will be treated just like standard health issue, which is NOT the case.

    We specialize in simplified issue whole or term life insurance for diabetics, and that’s all we do. We know which carriers will NOT rate you up or decline you based on your A1C and diabetic history. Most insurance agents miss this, and send you off for full underwriting, most often with very disappointing results.

    Save your time and efforts – go to the experts.

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